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BSNL listing only after financial performance improves: Govt
22 Sep, 2010, 04.58PM IST,PTI

NEW DELHI: The government has made it clear that it will not go public with state-run BSNL until the financial performance of the telecom PSU improves.

"The issue of listing would be taken after the performance of BSNL improves to get the right valuation and after obtaining the views of different stakeholders, like staff union and associations," DoT said in a reply to queries sent by Public Accounts Committee on performance of BSNL.

The disinvestment in BSNL will pave the way for the IPO and consequent listing on the stock exchanges.

BSNL has posted its first ever net loss of over Rs 1,822 crore in the last financial year from a net profit of over 574 crore in 2008-09 and over Rs 10,183 crore in 2004-05.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had constituted a committee headed by Sam Pitroda to look into the reasons for BSNL's poor performance and suggest ways to improve it.

The Pitroda panel had suggested among other things, 30 per cent disinvestment in the telecom PSU.

The proposal met with stiff opposition from the employees' unions and associations of BSNL, which were against any move to offload government's equity in the company.

Meanwhile, DoT has constituted an internal committee headed by Member (Services) to look into the recommendations of Sam Pitroda panel and give its report after taking inputs from BSNL management and employee associations.

BSNL, which has been facing competition from private players, saw its market share (GSM and WLL) declining to 11.44 per cent in June 2010 from 15.64 per cent in March 2008.

The case of granting Navratna status, under which cash-rich PSUs are given a certain autonomy with regard to investments and other financial transactions, to BSNL will also be considered only after its listing.

The apex committee under chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary in its meeting held in July 2008, had made the listing of Central PSUs a pre-condition for granting Navratna status.

Besides disinvestment, Pitroda commitee also suggested voluntary retirement to over one lakh staff as part of steps to improve BSNL's financial health.

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CM Speech at 64th Independence Day in Rajkot 03-04

TV9 Gujatat - Modi lashes out at central government

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BSNLEU CHQ Latest National Council News by Ashok Hindocha M9426201999
Hiighlliights of Natiionall Counciill meetiing
helld on 31..08..2010
Reviiew off resulltts off JAO Partt IIII Examiinattiion by granttiing off grace
IItt was rreplliied by managementt tthatt a case has been ffiilled iin tthe CAT Chennaii bench.. Allll
tthe poiintts rraiised by Sttaffff Siide iin tthiis Nattiionall Counciill meettiing arre allso rraiised iin tthe
case ffiilled iin tthe Chennaii CAT.. Hence,, managementt saiid tthe matttterr was sub--jjudiice and
coulld nott be diiscussed iin tthe Nattiionall Counciill..
Reducttiion iin emollumentts tto tthe Non--Executtiives jjoiiniing on or afftter
The Sttaffff Siide vehementtlly arrgued tthatt ttherre shoulld nott be any rreducttiion iin emollumentts
iin tthe case off emplloyees appoiintted on orr afftterr 01..01..2007.. The Sttaffff Siide demanded
tthatt tthey shoulld be allso giiven 30% ffiittmentt tto sollve tthiis prrobllem.. Howeverr,, no meettiing
poiintt iis rreached.. IItt was agrreed tthatt tthe iissue woulld be separrattelly diiscussed wiitth tthe
managementt shorrttlly.. IIn case no settttllementt iis rreached,, agaiin tthe iissue woulld be
diiscussed iin tthe nextt Nattiionall Counciill meettiing..
Reviiew off BSNL Mediicall Polliicy
Managementt siide agrreed tto fforrm a commiittttee tto diiscuss tthiis iissue agaiin,, tto miittiigatte tthe
harrdshiips off tthe emplloyees.. Managementt siide allso agrreed tto iissue orrderr fforr paymentt off
cash,, underr BSNLMRS,, ((wiitthoutt voucherr)) based on tthe rreviised pay scalles..
Diisconnecttiion off concessiionall ttellephone connecttiions off BSNL
emplloyees,, proviided by MTNL
Orrderr iis allrready iissued fforr rreconnecttiion off tthe diisconnectted lliines..
Grantt off 78..2% IIDA iinsttead off 68..8% w..e..ff.. 01..01..2007
IItt iis iinfforrmed by tthe managementt siide tthatt tthe matttterr iis underr consiiderrattiion off tthe
BSNL Boarrd..
Grantt off JTO scalle tto offffiiciiattiing JTOs
Managementt siide rreplliied tthatt tthey have allrready ffiilled an appeall agaiinstt tthe orrderr off tthe
Prriinciipall CAT.. Howeverr,, managementt siide iinfforrmed tthatt paymentt off Rs..2000//-- perr
montth,, underr FR 35 wiillll be consiiderred..
Proposed Sttaffffiing norms be wiitthdrawn and diiscussiion be helld wiitth
tthe sttaffff siide ffor deciidiing tthe sttaffffiing norms jjoiinttlly
Managementt siide assurred tthatt tthe prroposalls fforr new norrms woulld be ffiinalliized afftterr
diiscussiion wiitth tthe sttaffff siide..
IImpllementtattiion off Anomally Commiittttee Reportt wiitth regard tto
anomally // aberrattiions iin tthe wage reviisiion ffrom CDA tto IIDA scalles
w..e..ff.. 01..10..2000..
BSNL managementt has allrready iissued tthe orrderr on 30..08..2010,, as has been assurred iin
tthe meettiing helld wiitth tthe Uniitted Forrum,, on 09..08..2010..
Orrderr No..F..No..250--5//2005--Perrs..IIIIII ((Ptt..)) datted 30..08..2010..
Non--Executtiive Promottiion Polliicy Order--Modiiffiicattiions requiired
((a)) Orrderr grranttiing opttiion fforr pay ffiixattiion on tthe datte off nextt iincrrementt,, iinsttead off
datte off prromottiion,, iis allrready iissued..
(b) Conttiinuattiion off one iincrrementt grrantted iin lliieu off Grrade--IIV prromottiion,, even afftterr
23..03..2010,, iin tthe case off tthose offffiiciialls who optt tto conttiinue iin tthe OTBP // BCR
// Grrade--IIV scheme,, wiillll be examiined..
(c) Ourr demand tthatt postt based prromottiions lliike TM,, TTA ettc.. giiven afftterr 01..10..2000
shoulld nott be countted as ffiirrstt prromottiion underr NEPP,, wiillll be examiined..
((d)) Ourr demand tthatt rresttrructturriing and converrsiions giiven afftterr 01..10..2000 shoulld
nott be ttrreatted as parrtt off NEPP,, wiillll be examiined..
((e)) Ourr demand tthatt tthe TTA pay scalle upgrradattiion w..e..ff.. 01..10..2000 ((Rs..7100//--
scalle)) shoulld nott be ttrreatted as parrtt off NEPP,, wiillll be examiined..
((ff)) Ourr demand tthatt TSMs who arre rregullarriized on orr afftterr 01..10..2000,, and iin
whose case prresiidenttiiall orrderr has allrready been iissued,, shoulld be ttrreatted as
BSNL absorrbed emplloyee,, wiillll be examiined..
Prottecttiion off pay scalle iin respectt off Sr..TOAs iin tthe 7100 scalle,, iiff tthey
optt ffor NEPP
Sttaffff Siide demanded tthatt iiff a Srr..TOA iin tthe 7100 scalle,, optt fforr NEPP,, tthen hiis//herr pay
scalle shoulld be prrottectted ((ii..e.. ttheiirr pay scalle shoulld nott be down grraded ffrrom 7100 tto
6550)).. Managementt assurred tto llook iintto tthiis..
Opttiion ffor pay ffiixattiion on promottiion,, ffrom datte off nextt iincrementt iin
tthe cases where tthe promottiion datte was beffore 1..10..2000 and datte off
nextt iincrementt was afftter 1..10..2000
Managementt siide iinfforrmed tthatt tthiis iissue iis beiing examiined by DoT and iis lliikelly tto be
Holldiing off Screeniing Testt tto tthe Cadre off Seniior TOA
Based on ourr ttakiing up tthiis iittem iin tthe nattiionall counciill,, BSNL CO has allrready iissued
Faulltts iin CDR biilllliing systtem and remediiall measures tto be ttaken
A commiittttee wiillll be fforrmed whiich wiillll llook iintto tthe compllaiintts rraiised by tthe sttaffff siide..
Framiing off Conductt off Busiiness Rulles ffor tthe Nattiionall:: Ciirclle and
Locall Counciills
Managementt siide agrreed tto examiine tthiis..
Removall off tthe metthod off sttandard off evalluattiion ffor enttiittllementt off
ttiime bound up--gradattiion off pay scalles under NEPP
Managementt siide rreplliied tthatt as perr tthe exiisttiing orrderrs,, tthe bellow llevells marrk enttrriies
arre tto be communiicatted tto tthe offffiiciiall tto enablle hiim tto rreprresentt.. Sttaffff siide demanded
fforr rrettrrospecttiive effffectt fforr tthe orrderr tto coverr allll cases underr NEPP and iitt was agrreed..
BSNL emplloyees Diisttance llearniing scheme may be exttended tto tthe
non--executtiive emplloyees
Afftterr diiscussiion managementt siide acceptted tthatt non--executtiive emplloyees who arre
haviing prroffessiionall qualliiffiicattiion woulld be consiiderred fforr tthiis scheme..
Reservattiion ffor NEPP ffor SC//ST emplloyees
Afftterr much diiscussiion iitt was agrreed tthatt sttaffff siide woulld giive a notte tto tthe managementt
whiich woulld be llooked iintto..
Reviiew off Recruiittmentt Rulles
Managementt siide rreplliied tthatt speciiffiic prroposalls giiven by tthe sttaffff siide,, woulld be llooked