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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Congratulations to Shri Jankbhai Kotak-New Mayor of Rajkot

Raghuvanshi Samaj Nu Gaurav-Shri Janakbhai
KOTAK-New Mayor of Rajkot

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

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BSNL Strike Settlment-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999
Bharat Sanchar Nisam Limited
Representatives of BSNL's Employees Associationsfunions met with
Secretary (Telecom), DoT today where CMD, BSNL was also present. A follow-up .,
meeting with BSNL Management under the Chairmanship of CMD, BSNL was held
at 1500 hrs. on 2no December, 2010 in which Representatives ofJAC as well as from
the management side were also present.
In the cowse of meeting, the unions emphasized on the following issues -
r Procurement of GSM equipment
r Benefit of 50% IDA merger in pay fixation
The management side clarified that action is under way for procurement of 5.5
million lines to meet immediate demand,for North and East Zones. In addition, a
proposal is also being considered to procure l5 million lines for the next year.
On tle issue of Benefit of 50% IDA merger in pay fixatioh(effectively amounting
Io 78.2%), CMD BSNL informed that the case has been deliberated in the 130u
meeting ofthe Board held on 25.8.2010 wherein the Board taking into account all the
pros and cons decided to defer the implementation of the benefit of 50% of IDA
merger for pay fixation till the Company's financial position improves considerably
and there are visible signs of recovery. On further insistence by the JAC members,
CMD requested the union leaders to provide fresh inputs on this issue which could be
examined by the management before submitting the case to BSNL Board for its
On the remaining issues, the position is given in Antexure-I.
With this, CMD BSNL again requested the JAC members to withdraw its ongoing
shike, to which the JAC members agreed.
Manaeement Side Joint Action Committee
r \ r. Sf-l--o-^a.
lssues taken up by the Joint Action committee in support of their strike from
1"t to 3d December, 2o1O
S.No. lssue raised Current status
l Refund of Rs. 18500
crores to BSNL paid to
Government towards 3G
and BWA spectrum
The management has already taken rip this
issue with the Government and the
Government has made it clear that with a
vtew to provide level playing field to all the
service providers, it is not feasible for the
Government to refund spectrum charges. In
case, spectrum charges are refunded to
BSNL, similar demands shall arise from other
service providers. as well.
lmmediate settlement of
ITS Group A absorption
Basically the issues relates to the
Government. The consultation process with
the Ministries has already started and it will
take some more time. lt is understood that
the Cabinet Note is being finalized.
3. No disinvestmenUlPO of
The Government has not taken anv decision
on these issues so far.
4. No VRS
5. No unbundling of last mile
copper cable
The Government has not taken anv decision
in this regard and BSNL has also opposed
unbundling of last mile copper cabte.
6. lmplement the
Government's commitment
on financial viability of
BSNL at the time of
corporatization by
continuing exemption from
licence fee and
continuation of ADC, USO
fund etc.
The Government has already charged licence
fee on account of 3G and BWA soectrum
charges. Further. BSNL is already in receipt
of subsidv from USO Fund
7. Effective and expedilious
implementation of
programmes and projects
like ERP, NGN etc.
lmmediate fool proof
measures for smooth
change over to CDR
POC for ERP project is likely to be rolled out
by the end of December 2010 and the CDR
project has been implemented in 230 SSAs
out of 334 SSAs. The project shall be
implemented in the remaining SSAs very
8. Government deoartments
and PSUs should be
mandated to take telecom
services from BSNL/MTNL
BSNL has taken up with the Government. At
the same time, BSNL has to improve its
services so that customers come to us and
we have not to approach various agencies.
Although some of the organizations have
given business to BSNL, still we have to
make rigorous efforts to procure more
9. Revision of Pension on
IDA along with wage
revision. lmmediate
revision of IDA pension of
orc-2o07 BSNL retirees.
The Government has already sent a Cabinet
Note on which certain queries have been
raised. lt is understood that DOT is in the
process of furnishing requisite information. M-09426201999
[03.12.2010]CHQ conveys revolutionary greetings

CHQ conveys it’s revolutionary greetings for all the comrades who organized and participated in the strike. This was a glorious struggle to save BSNL. The strike was very successful with the whole hearted participation of the Non-Executives and Executives. The 3 lakh workforce has told in one voice and with determination that the game plan of the government and other vested interests to weaken BSNL will not be tolerated any more.

Comrades, viability of BSNL was the main demand of our struggle. As all of us know that it is not a demand which can be settled in a single day. Rather, it is a continuous process to be persued with the government. Our strike has given out a strong massage to the government that BSNL workers and officers are very serious in restoring the viability of BSNL. Taking the message in right perspective, the new Secretary, DoT has assured his whole hearted support to strengthen BSNL. JAC will seriously pursue this issue through the Secretary, DoT. BSNL management has assured us that it would procure equipments for another 15 million lines, in addition to the 5.5 million lines for which tender is almost finalized. JAC will continue to pressurise both the BSNL management as well as govt. of India to take appropriate steps to strengthen BSNL. The record of discussion given by the BSNL management is placed herewith for information. <> M-09426201999

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CMD BSNL called JAC Leaders and discussed about Three days strike & JAC demands. During discussion he mentioned that 78.2 % IDA fitment benefit issue has to be decided by BSNL Board based on BSNL profitability. Regarding other issues, he advised to meet DDG(SU), DoT. After meeting the CMD, in view of the casual treatment of BSNL Management / DoT Administration, JAC decided to make three days strike call a Success . Strike call holds good. M-09426201999