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Gurupurnima Mahotsav.avi

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Telecom Commission|DoT|broadband connectivityRELATED ARTICLES
Telecom Commission nod to Rs 20,000 crore rural telephony project to provide broadband connectivity
Rs 30k cr needed to take broadband to villages: PM's Advisor Sam Pitroda
Sam Pitroda-led panel to oversee Rs 20000 crore optic fibre project
Telecom Ministry to spend up to Rs 5,000 Cr from USO for subsidy
RailTel bags Rs 600 cr OFC contract
NEW DELHI: Telecom Commission, the decision making arm of the Department of Telecom, today cleared the Rs 20,000-crore project to provide broadband connectivity to all villages in the next three years.

"The Telecom Commission has approved the project that will be funded through the Universal Service Obligation (USO) Fund. We will take the proposal to the Cabinet soon," Telecom Minister Kapil SIbal told reporters here.

The objective of the scheme -- National Optical Fibre Network -- is to extend initially the existing optical fibre network which extends up to districts Head Quarters/Block Head Quarter level up to gram panchayat level by utilising USO Fund.

"The cost of the initial phase of the scheme is likely to be in the region of Rs 20,000 crore. Similar amount of investment is likely to be made by private sector complementing the infrastructure while providing services to individual users," he said.

The broadband project will initially be executed by state owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and other institutions like RailTel, he said.

"If necessary, at a later stage, we will involve the private sector also to ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated period of three years," Sibal said, adding that this would help in brining in e-education, e-medicine and e-governance.

As per a study conducted by the World Bank, with every 10 per cent increase in broadband penetration, there will be an increase in GDP growth by 1.4 per cent, Sibal said.

"This is a historic step... we will take it to Cabinet and complete the project within three years," he added.

Asked about the USO Fund's corpus, Telecom Secretary R Chandrashekhar said the current corpus is about Rs 15,000 crore and it gets up to Rs 6,000 crore in its kitty every year from the operators.

He also clarified that no other project relating to voice telephony under USO Fund would be sacrificed due to National Optical Fibre Network scheme.

In three year, the corpus would be close to Rs 35,000 crore to implement all projects, he added. Post a commentEmail this articleMail This Article
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Department of Telecom may seek TRAI recommendations on exit policy for telecom companies

In a development that could help vacate 2G spectrum, the govt may allow operators who have failed to roll-out services to surrender their licences.NEXT STORY
Bharti Airtel hikes call tariffs by 20% in six circles

Tariffs have been hiked from 1 paise per second to 1.2 paisa per second. The hike will be passed on to pre-paid customers as well. M-094262 54999

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Your news, your pictures

Your news, your pictures

Your news, your pictures

Your news, your pictures M-09426254999

World IPv6 Day M-094262 54999

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Notes of the month M-094262 54999
Unii tted Forum deciides ffor agii ttatt iionall programme

Unii tted Forrum meett iing was helld att New Dellhii on 25..06..2011.. Chaii rrman off Unii tted

Forrum,, Com.. Surresh Kumarr prresiided overr tthe meett iing.. The meett iing stt rronglly and

equiivocall lly opposed tthe prroposall fforr iintt rroductt iion off VRS iin BSNL.. Furr ttherr ,, tthe

meett iing rreviiewed tthe prrogrress iin tthe sett tt llementt off varr iious iissues.. Aff tterr tthrreadbarre

diiscussiions tthe meett iing rresollved tto llaunch tt rrade uniion actt iion iin tthe llastt week off Jully,,

ii ff suff ff iiciientt iimprrovementt iis nott ttherre on tthe iimporr ttantt iissues.. Some off tthe iissues

whiich wii ll ll be iinclluded iin tthe Charr tterr off Demands arre No VRS,, Sett tt llementt off tthe

modii ff iicatt iions suggestted by Unii tted Forrum tto tthe NEPP,, NE--12 pay scalle,, PLII ,, 78..2%

IIDA merrgerr ettc.. Based on tthe deciisiion off tthe Unii tted Forrum,, Generrall Secrrettarry off

BSNLEU has all rready submii tt tted tthe dettaii lled memorrandum tto tthe Dii rrecttorr ((HR)) on


25tt h meett iing off Natt iionall Councii ll

The 25tt h meett iing off Natt iionall Councii ll was helld on 24..06..2011.. The meett iing was

prresiided overr by Shrr ii A..K.. Garrg,, Dii rr .. ((HR)) .. The CMD Shrr ii R..K.. Upadhyay brr iieff lly

att ttended tthe meett iing and wellcomed tthe Sttaff ff Siide memberrs wii tth bouquetts.. Forr tthe

ff ii rrstt tt iime tthe Natt iionall Councii ll meett iing was helld uptto 6 PM.. Serr iious diiscussiion ttook

pllace on tthe agenda ii ttems.. Good iimprrovementt iis made on many iissues.. The dettaii lls

arre prr iintted ellsewherre iin tthiis iissue..

Formatt iion off Stteer iing Commii tt ttee

One off tthe iissues serr iiouslly diiscussed iin tthe Unii tted Forrum meett iing helld on

25..06..2011 was tthe ffunctt iioniing off tthe Stteerr iing Commii tt ttee.. II tt was poiintted outt by tthe

all ll iiance parr ttnerrs tthatt Stteerr iing Commii tt ttees arre yett tto be fforrmed att Cii rrclle and Diistt rr iictt

llevells and tthatt tthey shoulld meett att lleastt once iin tthrree montths.. Furr ttherr ,, tthe

nomiinatt iions fforr cii rrclle and llocall councii lls shoulld be sentt tto CHQ aff tterr tthe apprrovall off

tthe Stteerr iing Commii tt ttee.. Cii rrclle and Diistt rr iictt Secrrettarr iies arre rrequestted tto stt rr iictt lly

complly wii tth tthe iinstt rructt iions..

Posttall Emplloyees iindeff iinii tte stt r iike ff rom 05..07..2011

Posttall emplloyees arre goiing on iindeff iinii tte stt rr iike ff rrom 05..07..2011.. The iimporr ttantt iissues

off tthe stt rr iike iincllude clloserr off Postt Off ff iices and sorr tt iing sectt iions,, ettc.. BSNLEU have

giiven a call ll tto conductt soll iidarr ii tt y demonstt rratt iions on 05..07..2011..

Supplly off maiinttenance matter iialls

Shorr tt supplly off maiinttenance matterr iialls iis one off tthe iimporr ttantt prrobllems ffaced by tthe

emplloyees iin tthe obserrvance off Custtomerr Dell iightt Montth.. Thiis iissue has been

diiscussed wii tth ttop managementt off BSNL a numberr off tt iimes.. Recentt lly managementt

has assurred us tthatt tthe shorr ttage off tthrree iimporr ttantt sttorre ii ttems e..g.. ,, Tellephone

IInstt rrumentts,, Modems and Cablles woulld be rresollved wii tthiin tthrree montths..

Nextt Centt rall Executt iive Commii tt ttee meett iing

As perr tthe prroviisiions off tthe constt ii ttutt iion tthe nextt Centt rrall Executt iive Commii tt ttee

meett iing off BSNLEU shoulld ttake pllace iin tthe montth off Septtemberr ,, 2011.. Rajjastthan

Cii rrclle has volluntteerred tto hostt tthe nextt CEC.. Receptt iion Commii tt ttee fforr tthiis purrpose

has been fforrmed iin tthe Rajjastthan Cii rrclle Executt iive Commii tt ttee meett iing helld on

20..06..2011.. The CEC iis ll iikelly tto be helld att Jaiipurr .. The Centt rrall Secrrettarr iiatt wii ll ll shorr tt ll y

deciide tthe dattes fforr tthe CEC.. M-094262 54999 M-094262 54999 M-094262 54999