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Jayantibahi Kundalia is Great-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999

Jaynibhai Kundalia is Great-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999
Managing Trustee
Dedicated to social services and a business tycoon Hon. Shri Jayantibhai Kundaliya born on the land of Rajkot on 12th June 1926 and studied up to std. 8th in Shri Karansinhji Middle School

His world of Business

Instead of joining the parental business of hole-sale grain merchant Hon. Shri Jayantibhai after making a curtail decision of making his own career by self support entered into monopoly business in kingly state of Rajkot .
Being adventurous and industrious in nature at a very young age he started achieving the highest peaks of success. During the partition a Muslim friend and businessman handed over his firm of Shri LakhajiRaj Vegetable Market to Shri Jayantibhai without a single ‘pai’. Getting this valuable chance with a wisdom of business and intimacy with the farmers almost ninety percent of vegetable commission agency business was with the firm of Hon. Shri Jayantibhai Kundaliya.
Gradually He received a high amount of public vote among farmers group and in 1958 one of his farmer customer offered to sale his land at the cost of Rs. 1000 per acre. Keeping in view the geographical position Hon. Shri Jayantibhai captured the opportunity. It was the first deal of to days business tycoon. At the young age of 35 Hon. Shri Jayantibhai could do the dealing of 80% land of well developed areas of Kalavad Roadand Raiya Road which is a record in the history of land business of Rajkot . During 1976 Government implemented the Urban Land Ceiling Act and when the forms of land ownership were produced Hon. Shri Jayntibhai was emerged as the biggest land owner of Gujarat state. Hon. Shri Jayntibhai Kundalia has always remained on top where ever he puts his finger.
Hon. Shri Jayntibhai entered and contributed in the building sector by building a housing society ‘ Natraj-Nagar’ of 300 dwelling units for middle class people in the posh area of University Road.
Devotee of Lord ‘Shiva’ Hon. Shri Jayantibhasi did the most sacred pilgrimage of Amarnath at a very young age in 1953 and ‘Kailash-Mansarovar’ in 1962. To organize the business he has moved not only through out India but also He visited the countries like Nairobi , Mombasa , South Africa and many more during his young age.
Having the typical business understanding he started a renowned theater of Rajkot city ‘Girnar’ and gave cultural entertainment of film-lover public of Rajkot.

Political Career

Hon. Shri Jayntibhai is the freedom fighter not intending to get the pension from the government took part in freedom movement and jumped into the election of local-self government just after the independence and became the councilor of the Rajkot city from congress party and continued from 1953 to 1986 for 33 years constantly which is a record in the history of Rajkot municipality. During his career of 33 years he remained on various positions like chairman of standing committee, construction committee, Lighting committee, Water-works Committee etc.. and have contributed in the most pious deed of serving the community by increasing basic public amenities and developmental tasks.

Constant Services in Banking Sector

Being the businessman by birth Hon. Shri Jayntibhai has the qualities of changing the loss making institute into profit making organization by his visionary management. Rajkot Commercial Co-operative bank was a loss making bank when he was offered the chairmanship of the bank and today the bank is on the top with a profit of 5,00,00,000 five crors. The credit goes to Hon. Shri Jayntibhai Kundaliya. Under his most able leadership and management today more than 100 employees are with the bank.

The Educationalist

With the intimate relationship with the renowned educationalist Late shri Labhubhai Trivedi and hon. Shri Mansukhbhai Joshi Hon. Shri Jayntibhai establish Mahatma Gandhi Trust and Lalbahadur shaastri Kenavani mandal and now he is managing the trusts providing primary, secondary and higher education in gujarati as well as English medium as a president. Hon. Shri Jayntibhai is even rendering his services in more than 15 institutes of Shri Rajkot Kelavani Mandal and he is a vice president of Matushree Virbaima Mahila College too. With his dedication to the world of education so many students get the education and jobs.
Hon. Shri Jayntibhai has developed the following institutions with a pious intention that no female of the city and region would remain illiterate.
  1. Smt. Jasvantiben Jayantilal Kundalia Commerce College ( Eng. Medium)
  2. Smt. Jasvantiben Jayantilal Kundalia Commerce College (Guj. Medium)
  3. Smt. Jasvantiben Jayantilal Kundalia B.Ed. College
  4. Late Meenaben Jayantilal Kundalia mahila Commerce College
  5. Late Meenaben Jayantilal Kundalia mahila College (Eng. Medium)
  6. Smt. Jasvantiben Jayantilal Kundalia B.B.A. College
  7. Late Meenaben Jayantilal Kundalia B.B.A. College
  8. Late Meenaben Jayantilal Kundalia C.A.Fdation Centre
  9. Late Meenaben Jayantilal Kundalia Tech. Institute
  10. Late Meenaben Jayantilal Kundalia Yog Sadhana Training Center
  11. Smt. Jasvantiben Jayantilal Kundalia Phy. Edu. Academy.
These are the gifts of Smt. Jasvantiben Jayantilal Kundalia to the society.

A sight of Services to Mankind

With emotive feelings Hon. Shri Jayntibhai established Late Meenaben Jayantilal trustfor social upliftment and sailed in the ocean of social services by economic contribution in the areas like Religious, Educational, Social and in the services of suffering humanity. Many religious places got renovated from the trust’s aid like Bhakti Ashram, Panchnath MahadevMandir, Ishwariya Mahadev, Sant Kabir hill, Chandramaulishwar, Siddhnath Mahadev, Dhareshwar Mahadev, Bal-Krishnalal Hawali, Madan mohan Prabhu ni HAveli,Shreejee Gaushala,Sat Hanuman Mandir .. all places received financial aid for renovation as well Electric Arti . The saints and needy at the doorstep of Hon. Shri Jayntibhai never turns unaided. He has also contributed to A.V. Jasani T.B. Hospital , Cancer Hospital , Jaynath Hospital Axaygadh , Bhuptani Clinic.
The horizons of contribution expanded even to Muktidham for statue and aluminum sidi , Sadhan Sahay to handicaps Sewing machine to needy widows of the community, Marriage expense of orphan girls and help to poor animals are the main domains of the financial aid given by Hon. Shri Jayntibhai.He keeps the flame of services always lightened.

Community front to serve…

Three decades before a young man became the secretary of Lohana Mahajan. And a president in 1998 ….
As soon as he was awarded the presidentship a change in the vision and working style of mahajan was implemented and continued till today.. M-094262-54999

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Waht is life ? M-09426254999
જીવન શું છે ?

જીવન એક ખેતર છે. તે જૂઠું નહીં બોલે.

તમે એને જેટલું આપો તેનાથી સોગણું કરીને તે પાછું આપે,

પણ તમે કશું નહીં આપો તો એની પાસેથી તમને કશું નહીં મળે.

જીવન ખોટું લગાડતું નથી અને ખુશામત પણ કરતું નથી. ચોખ્ખો હિસાબ છે,

જેવું આપો તેવું મળે. જીવનને તમે શું શું આપ્યું છે ?

સાચું કહો. જીવન પ્રત્યે તમને અવિશ્વાસ છે, કંજુસાઈ છે, નફરત છે.

ઓછામાં ઓછું આપો અને ન છૂટકે આપો પછી જીવનમાં સારાપાકની આશા કેમ રખાય ?

તમે ફરિયાદ કરો છો કે તમારું ભાગ્ય ઊઘડ્યું નહિ,

જીવન ફળ્યું નહિ, તમે છેતરાયા છો, ભરમાયા છો, પણ તમારી ફરિયાદ સાચી નથી.

ધરતી છેતરતી નથી. જીવન છેતરતું નથી. જીવન જૂઠું બોલતું નથી.

જીવન તમને ફક્ત યાદ દેવરાવે છે કે તમે કશું આપ્યું જ નથી.

ક્યાં પ્રેમ કર્યો છે, ક્યાં સાહસ કર્યું છે, ક્યાં ભોગ આપ્યો છે, ક્યાં

શ્રદ્ધા રાખી છે ?

તમે ઝંપલાવ્યું નથી, અજમાવ્યું નથી, જીવન હોડમાં મૂક્યું નથી.

પછી બદલામાં શું મળે ?

તમે તમારી નિરાશા બતાવો એમાં તમે તમારા જીવનનો ગૂનો કબૂલ કરો છો અને જાહેર કરો


કારણ કે તમે જીવનમાં ખરેખર સાચી મૂડી રોકી હોત તો એનું મબલક વ્યાજ તો તમને મળી

ચૂક્યું હોત.

જીવન જૂઠું બોલતું નથી.

નસીબથી મળી છે જીંદગી તો એને જીવી જાણો

લાંબી આ સફરમાં જીંદગીના ઘણા રૂપ જોયા છે

તમે એકલા શાને રડો છો, સાથી તો અમેય ખોયા છે

આપ કહો છો આમને શું દુઃખ છે, આ તો સદા હસે છે

અરે! આપ શું જાણો આ સ્મિતમા કેટલા દુઃખ વસે છે

મંઝીલ સુધી ના પહોંચ્યા તમે એ વાતથી દુઃખી છો

અરે! ચાલવા મળ્યો રસ્તો તમને, એટલા તો સુખી છો

આપને ફરિયાદ છે કે કોઇને તમારા વિશે સુઝ્યુ નથી

અરે! અમને તો “કેમ છો?” એટલુંય કોઈએ પુછ્યું નથી.

જે થયું નથી એનો અફસોસ શાને કરો છો,

આ જીંદગી જીવવા માટે છે, આમ રોજ રોજ શાને મરો છો?

આ દુનિયામા સંપુર્ણ સુખી તો કોઈ નથી

એક આંખ તો બતાવો મને જે ક્યારેય રોઈ નથી.

બસ એટલુંજ કહેવું છે કે જીંદગીની દરેક ક્ષણ દિલથી માણો

નસીબથી મળી છે જીંદગી તો એને જીવી જાણો.

– ફાધર વાલેસ