Monday, August 7, 2017

(1)Invitation by Mittal Khetani "s BirthDay Special Events (2)Lohanamahaparishad Shrimad Bhagvat Saptah evens Pre planing and information Meeting (1)first event time From 6 To 10 p .m. On DTD 8/8/2017 Tuesday At Saurashtra highschool Kalawad Road Nr Kotecha Chowk Rajkot Followed by Bhojan Prashad And Bhajan sandhya (Ashok Bhayani) And GauSavendan jagran program and (2) LMP shrimad Bhagvat Saptah preparation and planning Meeting Time to 11.p.m. For the same place @ Lohanamahaparishad Meeting for preparation and planing (of Shrimad Bhagvat Saptah schedule to be held at Sidhpur patan from 25 th Oct onwards @ Hon Rameshbhai Oza)Meeting for giving Information and Pre planning and Distribution of form for Matru Tarpan and arrangement for the same All the office bearers of Raghuvanshi Samaj institutions and Jalaram Bhakts and ward wide Jalaram jayanti celebration organisation committee office bearers are also invited to join in both programmes All are Most Welcome@ Aaavjo Jay Jalaram jay LOHANA Mahaparishadin