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CHQ congratulates com. Ajaydeep Sarang, Sports Assistant, O/o GMTD, Raipur who is awarded “Gundadhar Sanman” award, with cash reward of Rs. One Lakh by the Chhattisgarh Govt. for his excellent performance in International & National Weightlifting events. The award was given by the Hon'ble President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee on 06.11.2012, in a function organised by the State Govt. on the occasion of State Formation Day Celebration.

The one day strike, called on today, the 16.11.2012, by the United Forum, demanding the arrest/suspension of Adesh Kumar Gupta, GM, Ghaziabad and others in the murder case of com. Sukendar Pal Singh, has started throughout the country. Very good reports are coming almost from all Circles. As per reports, Customer Service Centres are closed in many places. CHQ salutes the leaders and comrades of the United Forum.

Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations has decided that the Circle and District Secretaries should meet the Hon’ble MPs of their respective constituencies and present a copy of the memorandum already submitted to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, on the ITS repatriation issue. Our comrades should also brief the Hon’ble MPs, as to how BSNL suffers due to the continuation of the non-optee ITS officers on illegal deputation in BSNL. Since the Winter Session of the Parliament starts on 22nd November, 2012, the task of meeting the Hon’ble MPs should be completed within this week.  <>

No action is so far taken by the BSNL Management/DoT, on the murder accused, Adesh Kumar Gupta. It is crystal clear that the ITS dominated BSNL Management as well as DoT are protecting him. We cannot expect any justice from them. Hence, there is no change in the decision to go on one day strike tomorrow the 16.11.2012. Make the strike a historic success. The strike will be from 0000 hours to 0000 hours.

[14.11.2012]Holding JTO LICE the vacancies up to 31.03.2012
CHQ is seriously persuing this case. The file that was sent for legal opinion has been been received back. Now it will be sent for the final approval of the Director (HR). We are hopeful of a favurable decision that will come shortly.

[14.11.2012]Make the 16th November One day All India Strike a historic success.
Dear comrades, it is already three weeks since com.Sukendar Pal Singh, DS, BSNLEU,Ghaziabad was murdered by Adesh Kumar Gupta, GM, BSNL, Ghaziabad and four others. The accused persons are not yet arrested. Adesh Kumar Gupta, who had amassed huge wealth through massive corruptions, is learned to have heavily bribed the police officers. So, the Ghaziabad police is remaining as silent spectators. Despite our massive rally and blockade of the SSP’s office at Ghaziabad on 9th November, 2012, no action has been taken by the police.

We have met the top DoT officers as well as CMD BSNL and demanded the immediate suspension/repatriation of Adesh Kumar Gupta. But no action is taken. May be the affinity that the top ITS officers of DoT and BSNL are having towards Adesh Kumar Gupta, ITS, has stopped them from taking any action. 

Only one question we want to ask the top bosses of BSNL and DoT. Had an ITS officer been murdered like this by a Non-Executive employee, would they have remained silent for so many weeks? Would they have not at least suspended the Non-Executive employee? But in the case of com.Sukendar, he is only Non-Executive employee. “So What”, is the attitude of top bosses of DoT and BSNL. This is nothing but the same ‘colonial mind-set’ that the British rulers were having. Are we going to tolerate this gross discrimination and injustice? The reply should be an emphatic NO. Hence, effectively organize the one day strike on 16th November, 2012 and give a fitting reply to the bosses of DoT and BSNL.

[12.11.2012]Corporate Office letter on change in the Code of discipline/framing BSNL's own Recognition Rules for electing majority union(s) of non-executive employees in BSNL<>

[12.11.2012]Casual & Contract workers will participate in the 16th November Strike
BSNLCCWF CHQ has called upon the Casual and Contract workers to participate in the one day strike on 16th November called by the BSNL Employees Union and the United Forum of BSNL Unions strongly protesting against the brutal murder of Com. Sukenderpal Singh, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Ghaziabad and demanding immediate arrest and suspension of Adesh Kumar, GM, Ghaziabad against whom FIR has already been filed under IPC 147 and 302 for murder.  

BSNLEU thanks BSNLCCWF for the prompt decision. The BSNLEU leaders are requested to contact with the BSNLCCWF & United Forum leaders and jointly make the strike a great success.
[10.11.2012]Massive rally at Ghaziabad – SSP’s office blocked for 2 hrs.<><>
[10.11.2012]Successful dharnas conducted throughout the country on 09-11-2012.
As per the call of the United Forum, massive dharnas were conducted throughout the country yesterday the 09-11-2012, demanding the immediate arrest of Adesh Kumar Gupta and other accused, who murdered com.Sukendar Pal Singh, payment of PLI, exemption of BSNL from the proposed one time payment of spectrum fee, for the2G spectrum that BSNL is holding beyond 4.4 MHz, and also repealing of the decision of the Cabinet to allow 49% FDI in Pension Fund & in the Insurance sector. CHQ congratulates all the Circle and District unions and also the constituents of the United Forum for successfully implementing the call. 
[10.11.2012]Gear up preperations for conducting One Day Strike successfully on 16.11.2012.
The United Forum has given call for conducting One Day strike on 16-11-2012. The strike is to condemn the brutal murder of com.Sukendar Pal Singh, District Secretary, BSNLEU,Gaziabad, and  also to demand the immediate arrest of Adesh Kumar Gupta, GM,BSNL, Gaziabad and other accused, for the murder. As every one knows that CHQ has taken all possible measures to ensure the arrest of the accused. But the DoT officers as well as BSNL Corporate Management are not prepared to take any action on the accused Adesh Kumar Gupta. In fact, they are supporting and shielding him. No one knows to what extent top officers are benefited from Adesh Kumar Gupta who is involved in massive corruptions in Gaziabad SSA. Under these circumstances, we are left with no other option but to successfully implement the call for One Day Strike on 16-11-2012. Circle and District Secretaries are requested to immediately swing into action to make the strike a historic success and to teach lesson to the Management which has closed it’s eyes to the brutal murder. 

[09.11.2012]Letter of the United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations, on the murder of com. Sukendar Pal Singh<>

[09.11.2012]MoU signed with Union Bank of India (UBI) for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees<>

[09.11.2012]Massive Rally and Dharna at Ghaziabad Today.
Dear comrades, it is already 19 days, since our beloved com.Sukendar Pal Singh, District Secretary, BSNLEU, was killed in a cold blooded murder at Ghaziabad. He was brutally attacked by Adesh Kumar Gupta, GM, and his henchmen inside the chamber of the GM. Com.Sukendar died of the severe head injuries that he sustained in the attack. An FIR has been filed against Adesh Kumar Gupta and four others, under sections 147 and 302. However, even after 19 days, no accused is arrested. The criminal, Adesh Kumar Gupta is comfortably carrying out his routine day to day duties as a General Manager.

We have approached the DoT, CMD BSNL and even shri Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble Minister of Communications. The least that the DoT and BSNL could have done is that Adesh Kumar Gupta could have been repatriated to DoT, since he is a Non-optee ITS officer. But even that has not been done. It is crystal clear now, that the DoT and BSNL are shielding and protecting the criminal, Adesh Kumar Gupta. This cannot be allowed to go on.  

Similarly, the Ghaziabad police have not touched Adesh Kumar Gupta so far. Every one knows what the reason is. Adesh Kumar Gupta is spending huge amount of money, that he has amassed through massive corruptions in Ghaziabad. Hence, BSNLEU is organizing a rally as well as a dharna in front of the SP’s office at Ghaziabad today, demanding the immediate arrest of the accused, as well as to expose the nexus between the police and the criminal Adesh Kumar Gupta. Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, and com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, will lead the Rally and the Dharna. All Circle and District Secretaries are requested to conduct an effective campaign among the employees and prepare them very seriously for the forthcoming one day strike on 16th November, 2012.

[09.11.2012]Forum Leaders meet smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson, UPA, at Rae Bareli.                                                                             
Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations of UP (East) Circle, met Smt Sonia Gandhi, Hon’ble MP and UPA Chair person at Rae Bareli, on 08.11.2012 and submitted a memorandum demanding the immediate termination of the illegitimate deputation of non-optee ITS officers in BSNL/MTNL. Forum leaders explained the whole issue to her, so that she understood the dangerous duality of ITS (their lien in DOT and deputation in BSNL) which is causing huge loss to BSNL and MTNL, to the Services, as well as the customer's satisfaction. Smt. Sonia Gandhi assured to look into the matter. She agreed that our demand is very genuine and immediately directed her PS Mr Dheeraj Srivastava to take up the matter with Hon’ble MOC.

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