Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Outcome of the talks that took place on 17-09-2013, between the United Forum and the BSNL Management, on the demands that are contained in the notification for the one day strike to be held on 27-09-2013-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999, M-94262 54999 Outcome of the talks that took place on 17-09-2013, between the United Forum and the BSNL Management, on the demands that are contained in the notification for the one day strike to be held on 27-09-2013 Discussion between the United Forum and the BSNL Management took place yesterday the 17.09.2013, on the demands contained in the charter of demands for the one day strike to be held on 27.09.2013. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, com.VAN.Namboodiri, President, com.Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS, com.R.K.Kohli, GS, NFTBE and com.Thomar, AGS, BSNL MS, represented the United Forum. The Management is represented by shri.A.N.Rai, Director (HR), shri R.K.Goyal, GM (Estt.), shri. Neeraj Verma, GM (SR), and shri Satish Wadhwa, DGM (SR). The talks took place for 3 hours. At the outset, the Director (HR) stated that the financial position of the Company continues to be worrisome. The leaders of the United Forum stated that they were very serious about the improvement of the viability of the Company and suggested that the Management should come with concrete proposals regarding the role to be played by the unions in this regard. Thereafter, the following issues were discussed. 1 ) It was demanded that the stagnation issue should be immediately resolved by implementing the merger of the lowest 5 payscales, ie., from NE 1 to NE 5. 2 ) It was demanded that the wage reduction issue should be settled without further delay, by granting 5 extra increments, as was given to the JTOs and JAOs. 3 ) - a ) It was demanded that the agreement signed between BSNLEU and Management on 31.01.2013, in respect of change of designations of Regular Mazdoors and Telecom Mechanics should be implemented immediately. b ) Immediate discussion shoulld start for change of designations of the cadres of Sr.TOAs and TTAs. c ) Representation should be given to BSNLEU in the reconstituted Designations Committee, as well as in other committees to be formed in future, in the 9:5 ratio. 4 ) As regards proper implementation of the agreement signed between BSNLEU and the Management on NEPP, it was strongly demanded that post based promotions should not be treated as part of NEPP. As regards the other demands connected with NEPP, it was agreed that the same would be further discussed with the GM (Estt.) 5 ) Order on introduction E1 payscale should be issued immediately. 6 ) As regards Compassionate Ground Appointments, the leaders bitterly complained about the denial of appointment to genuine and deserving cases. Further, it was strongly demanded that Management shoulld issue revised guidellines to CGA, as has allready been assured in the Nationall Council. 7 ) It was pointed out that in the DoT order issued on 10.06.2013, on 78.2% IDA merger, it has been mentioned that no arrears would be paid. The leaders pointed out that this clause of the order is contrary to the agreement signed between the unions and the Management on the subject. They told that this has created problem in the revision of pension of those who have retired after 01.01.2007, and strongly demanded that BSNL Management should take up the issue with the DoT for cancellation of this clause8 ) The issue of regularisation of left out casual labourers, especially the case of West Bengal circle was raised, and it was demanded that Management should take immediate steps to settle this issue. The Director (HR) assured that all the above demands would be seriously looked into and appropriate action would be taken. Due to paucity of time other issues could not be discussed. However, he assured that those issues would be discussed on 4 th October and appealed to the leaders not to resort to the proposed one day strike. The United Forum will meet shortly and will take stock of the situation. CHQ appreciates the positive attitud shown by the Director (HR) during the discussion. At the same time, it is made very clear that a decision on the strike greatly depends upon the action that the Management is going to take on the issues that were discussed in the meeting. Hence, circle and district unions are requested to continue with serious preparations for the strike. There need not be any let up in the mobilisation for the, M-94262 54999 * * * * *

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