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WISHING ALL THE BEST ON BSNL DAY- 1-10-2014....inf. By Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

WISHING ALL THE BEST ON BSNL DAY- 1-10-2014....inf. By Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. was incorporated on 15th september 2000 . It took over the business of providing of telecom services and network management from the erstwhile Central Government Departments of Telecom Services (DTS) and Telecom Operations (DTO), with effect from 1st October‘ 2000 on going concern basis.It is one of the largest & leading public sector units providing comprehensive range of telecom services in India.

BSNL has installed Quality Telecom Network in the country & now focusing on improving it, expanding the network, introducing new telecom services with ICT applications in villages & winning customer's confidence. Today, it has about 43.74 million line basic telephone capacity, 8.83 million WLL capacity, 72.60 million GSM capacity, 37,885 fixed exchanges, 68,162 GSM BTSs, 12,071 CDMA Towers, 197 Satellite Stations, 6,86,644 RKm. of OFC, 50,430 RKm. of microwave network connecting 623 districts, 7330 cities/towns & 5.8 lakhs villages .

BSNL is the only service provider, making focused efforts & planned initiatives to bridge the rural-urban digital divide in ICT sector. In fact there is no telecom operator in the country to beat its reach with its wide network giving services in every nook & corner of the country & operates across India except New Delhi & Mumbai. Whether it is inaccessible areas of Siachen glacier or North-Eastern regions of the country, BSNL serves its customers with a wide bouquet of telecom services namely Wireline, CDMA mobile, GSM mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN, VSAT, VoIP, IN Services, FTTH, etc.

BSNL is numero uno of India in all services in its license area. The company offers wide ranging & most transparent tariff schemes designed to suit every customer. BSNL has 90.09 million cellular & 5.06 million WLL customers as on 31.07.2011. 3G Facility has been given to all 2G connections of BSNL. In basic services, BSNL is miles ahead of its rivals, with 24.58 million wireline phone subscribers i.e. 71.93% share of the wireline subscriber base.

BSNL has set up a world class multi-gigabit, multi-protocol convergent IP infrastructure that provides convergent services like voice, data & video through the same Backbone & Broadband Access Network. At present there are 8.09 million broadband customers.

The company has vast experience in planning, installation, network integration & maintenance of switching & transmission networks & also has a world class ISO 9000 certified Telecom Training Institute.
During the 2010-11, turnover of BSNL is around Rs. 29,700 Crores.

  • Be the leading telecom service provider in India with global presence.
  • Create a customer focused organization with excellence in customer care, sales and marketing.
  • Leverage technology to provide affordable and innovative telecom. Services/products across customer segments.


Be the leading telecom service provider in India with global presence.
  • Generating value for all stakeholders - employees, shareholders, vendors & business associates
  • Maximizing return on existing assets with sustained focus on profitability
  • Becoming the most trusted, preferred and admired telecom brand
  • To explore International markets for Global presence
Creating a customer focused organization with excellence in customer care, sales& marketing .
  • Developing a marketing and sales culture that is responsive to customer needs mer care, sales& marketing
  • Excellence in customer service-”friendly, reliable, time bound, convenient and courteous service”
Leveraging technology to provide affordable and innovative products/ services across customer segments
  • Offering differentiated products/services tailored to different service segments
  • Providing reliable telecom services that are value for money
Providing a conducive work environment with strong focus on performance
  • Attracting talent and keeping them motivated
  • Enhancing employees skills and utilizing them effectively
  • Encouraging and rewarding individual and team/group performance
Establishing efficient business processes enabled by IT
  • Changing policies and processes to enable transparent, quick and efficient decision making
  • Building effective IT systems and tools

  • To be the Leading Telecom Services provider by achieving higher rate of growth so as to become a profitable enterprise.
  • To provide quality and reliable fixed telecom service to our customer and thereby increase customers confidence.
  • To provide customer friendly mobile telephone service of high quality and play a leading role as GSM operator in its area of operation.
Strategy for:
  • Rightsizing the manpower
  • Providing greater customer satisfaction>/li>
Contribute towards:
  • Broadband customers base of 20 Mn in India by the end of 2011-12 as per broadband policy 2004.
  • Providing telephone connections in villages as per Government policy.
To leverage the existing infrastructure of BSNL for facilitating implementation of other government programmes and initiatives particularly in the rural areas.
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