Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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BSNL CYMN | Best Portal for Choice & Fancy Mobile Numbers

PAN India 3G Mobile Service Operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited launched “Choose your Mobile Number” Scheme as BSNL CYMN for its prospective 2G/3G Mobile Customers to select any new Mobile Number of Normal & Fancy categories by their own choice from the available thousands of mobile numbers via Online BSNL Portal by activating them...

BSNL 60Mbps Unlimited Internet Fiber Broadband Plans : OFFER

BSNL, India's Largest Broadband Subscriber base Telecom Operator has announced the extension of promotional offer, with huge customer response for new high speed BSNL Fiber Broadband Plans which allows Unlimited Internet at 20Mbps to 60Mbps download speed, introduced recently from 10.11.2014 to 07.02.2015 for Bangalore Internet Customers. On...

BSNL Bill Defaulters - Remove Name with Discounted Bill Payment

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited might be kind enough towards BSNL Bill Defaulters from long time. Now-a-days due to entire scenario change in the business sector, PSU also trying to fit in to those core concepts of business, rather than a Sarkari Company. Likewise BSNL is considering each and every aspect for revenue generation or we can say...

BSNL 3G Data Increased at same Rates - Recharge Online

What will the deals a telecom service operator can have, which will be a hit point for now-a-days data starved generation. Hmmmm, any clue. Yes for this data generation subscribers, BSNL is going to offer special data deal. This deal is straight and simple furthermore much beneficial. BSNL is going to increase 3G Data available with data...

BSNL MICRO SIM Cards now Rs 20 - New Smart SIM in Market

Does anyone know what is the full form of SIM card, SIM, “Subscriber Identity Module”. What does this SIM card actually do? How many types of SIM cards are available in present market? In those types, what are the types of SIM cards those are readily available by BSNL as a service provider. Should we have to pay extra cost for different type...
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