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BSNL Forum of Unions coming ahead in part of BSNL Revamp

In the past, the image of unions, that it only asks about the salaries and benefits. As on date, this is changed, when it comes to BSNL Unions, it is against that. BSNL Forum of Unions had gone to strike to procure new equipment’s and many more for expansion of BSNL, its already proved with recent two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, 2015 in terms of 100% participation by the BSNL employees.

BSNL Unions are working to revive BSNL, furthermore, unions are taking their part to drive the newly launched plans to attract more new customers, Here the one big thing is, Free night calling facility is not available for BSNL Employee Landline Phones, BSNL unions also are not asking for that, Rather they are promoting these plans which can aid for BSNL revenue. BSNL unions are also coming out of the retro union mind-set.
BSNL Forum Roadshows Melas in Revamp of BSNL
BSNL Forum decided to popularize the night free call facility in Landline Services and All India Free roaming in Mobile connections implemented by BSNL among the public with two major offers, which are having the potential to generate huge revenue in future and to and to offer best BSNL Telecom Services.

BSNL Forum has also urged their employees like this, Now it’s the time for all our comrades to go all out and utilise this golden opportunity and to add more and more customers to restore the previous glory of BSNL.

BSNL Forums has decided to popularize the newly introduced schemes among public and to take maximum efforts to increase landline connections and improve the Quality of Service and Customer Service, and conducting a month campaign from 08.06.2015 to 07.07.2015 to popularize the newly introduced schemes of BSNL with all their employees and to maintain the network with special efforts.

BSNL Forum instructed all their BSNL Service area level Forum heads also to chalk out their action plans about to conduct the roadshows, melas or any channel involving maximum BSNL Employees for adding the new customers into BSNL and approaching old BSNL customers personally or through a contact number for availing Telephone / Broadband re-connection, whose BSNL services disconnected in the recent past, and to give vide Publicity through advertisements via Local / Regional / National News Papers, and display of Flex Boards, Posters.

BSNL Forum extending the urge of their employees with another word i.e We have to put our Special efforts to make Landline Fault Free. BSNL Forum has strongly decides and explained to their employees i.e. If these issues(regarding material /equipment to provide quality of services to customer) at Service areas were not settled for making good customer relation with fault free services, it should be brought to the notice of the Forum Leaders too at any time to inform to BSNL Corporate Office.

BSNL Free Night Calling is not available for BSNL Employees, and this is also not demanding by any BSNL Union, but popularizing the plan, an Appreciating Issue for all BSNL Employees. BSNL Forum has explained all the following offers (about latest introduced plan and tariffs) in the way of conducting meetings with their employees to guide the customer clearly in any manner.
BSNL Forum has strongly decide that Open Mouth Marketing is the best source to reach every customer from employee side. So BSNL Unions are doing their best to make BSNL a profit making company in near future with Good Quality of services to reach to every customer at every nook and corner to feel great with BSNL. With all these steps, BSNL Forum of Unions are excused from monotonous Union Mindset and to be a part of BSNL Revamp.
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