Friday, September 18, 2015

JTO RR- 2015 almost approved by BSNL Board Meeting held M-94262 54999

18.09.2015: M-94262 54999Congratulations ! JTO RR- 2015 almost approved by BSNL Board Meeting held today - GS discussed the matter with the concern officers of BSNL Corporate Office regarding approval of JTO RR- 2015 in the BSNL Board Meeting  held today F/N as per the assurance given by CMD BSNL and Director(HR), BSNL Board in the meeting held on 04.09.2015 wherein Director(HR) assured to delink JTO RR modification issue from BSNL HR Plan and to put up in the next Board Meeting to be held on 18.09.2015 and today in BSNL Board Meeting, JTO RR-2015 has been approved. The stalemate in the regularization process of officiating JTOs is broken. The regularization of officiating JTOs will immediately take place. Also, the JTO recruitment through LICE to fill up about 12000 JTO posts will begin. The Para-8 transfers of JTOs will also get the way for settlement since substitutes will be available. Spl. Drive of JTO recruitment  in deficit circles will  takes place etc.  AIBSNLEA consistent efforts finally yielded result in getting approved new JTO RR-2015 from BSNL Board.
We are extremely thankful to CMD, BSNL, Director(HR), GM(Estt.), Sr. GM(Legal) for getting approved the issue from BSNL Board.
15.09.2015: GS writes  to:
1. The Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding
(a) Representation received from Shri Thimothy K. John, AO (CMTS-PC), Staff No. 182150, Ahmedabad TD regarding counting of residency period w.e.f. 01.10.2000 for first bound promotion.
2. The GM (FP), BSNL Corporate Office regarding
(a) Representation received from Shri Brijesh Kumar Tiwari JAO (TXN) % CGMT, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal  andothers regarding grant of  benefit of scale revision to the JAOs (Deptl)(40%quota)2012 batch also at par with JAO (Deptl)(40% quota), 2010 batch vide letter no, 7-4/2010-SEA-BSNL (Pt-I) of BSNL Corporate office New Delhi dated 24.7.2015
(b) Representation received from the Tamil Nadu Circle Branch regarding for promotion to the grade of JAO in respect of the candidates who got minimum qualifying Marks in JAO Part–II LICE against 40% quota but not prompted due to not coming in the Merit.
(c ) Representation regarding for grant of promotion to the grade of JAO on officiating basis- case of JAO candidates who got minimum qualification marks in JAO Part-II LICE against 40 % quota held in 2013 but could not be declared qualified due to non-availability of the requisite vacancies.
(d) Representation received from Smt. Kabita Majumdar JAO (officiating), Calcutta Telephone District regarding  discrimination towards extending appointment to the post of JAO to a Scheduled Caste candidate even after qualified in JAO Part-II examination (40% Dept. quota) under old (DOT)  syllabus held in the year 2006 during the period from 18.04.20006 to 20.4.2006
(e ) Requested for transfer/Posting/Cancellation/retention in the Cadre of Accountant Personnel
(f) Representation received from Shri K. L. Prajapat, CAO, Jaipur–TD Staff No. 87148 regarding request for promotion and posting to the grade of DGM (F) after currency of the punishment which has been expired on 26.8.2015
3. The PGM (EW), BSNL Corporate Office regarding
 (a ) Requested for transfer/Posting/Cancellation/retention in the Cadre of JTO (E)
 4. The GM (Pers.), BSNL Corporate Office regarding
(a) Representation received from Shri Alok Kumar Sinha, HR No. 199702164, JTO, Chhattisgarh, regarding consideration for promotion from JTO to SDE under 67 % seniority cum fitness quota: Ground exoneration in disciplinary proceedings as well as wrong implementation of BSNL Corporate office instructions.
(b) Requested for transfer/Posting/Cancellation/retention in the Cadre of AGM/DE
( c) Requested for transfer/Posting/Cancellation/retention in the Cadre of SDE
15.09.2015:   <<<Click here to listen the speech of Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL delivered in the Joint Open Session of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA held at Kolkata on 25.08.2015 >>> 
15.09.2015:  BSNL Corporate Office issues regarding:
1. Re-classification/up-gradation of Cities/Town on the basis of Census - 2011 for the purpose of grant of House Rent Allowance (HRA) to Central Government Employees and said that these instructions are applicable to all BSNL employees (both absorbed and Un-absorbed) <<>>
2. Delay in relieving the executives under transfer to other units of BSNL-Direct Relieving by Corporate Office, New Delhi <<>>

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