Friday, June 15, 2012

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15.06.2012]Meeting of the Designation Committee postponed
The meeting of the Designations Committee, which is scheduled to take place on 18-06-2012, has been postponed. This is because, the newly posted DGM (Restructuring), who is the convener of the Committee has gone on leave. We are trying to fix the meeting in the first week of July.

[15.06.2012]General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary met Director  (Finance).
Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS and Com. P.Asokababu Dy, GS, met Shri KCGK Pillai, Director, Finance  and solicited his help for the early approval for the agreement signed on 12 -06-2012, by the Board of Directors . They also met officers of the SR and Establishment sections in this connection.
[15.06.2012]Pay Fixation on Promotion Non–Executives got more benefit than Executives due to wage Revision Agreement signed by BSNLEU.
The pay Fixation on promotion in case of executives is done by adding a notional increment equal to last drawn increment. But, because of the wage Revision Agreement  signed by BSNLEU, the pay fixation on promotion in case of non–executives is done by adding a notional increment of 3% on the current basic pay of the employees. See the BSNL clarification on this    <<>>

[15.06.2012]Resolution on the agreement signed on 12-06-2012, passed in the Central Secretariat meeting of BSNLEU, held at New Delhi on 15-06-2012     <>
[15.06.2012]Airtel  told  to  pay R. 700 crore is a customers duty evasion case
Private companies are notorious  for tax evasion, especially the private telecom companies. Now, Airtel has got trapped. The customs, Excise and Service Tax  appellate Tribunal (CESTAT), Banglore Bench has orderd Airtel to pay Rs. 700 crore for customs duty evasion. The case involves under valuation of the imported goods and non – inclusion of the value of the soft – ware imported.

[15.06.2012]Districtwise quota for the years 2010 & 2011 and eligibility of deligates  for the 6th All India Conference to be held from 25th to 28th September, 2012 

[15.06.2012] The Doubting Thomas  <>
[14.06.2012]Now it is time for us to give back
Non – Executives and Executives throughout the country are jubilant about the settlement of the 78.2% IDA merger issue. We are getting a lot of messages and calls, congratulating the leaders of all unions and associations for settling this demand. We share the joy of the employees. At the same time we would like to remind one thing to all. This demand has been settled when the company is facing a very big crises. So it is our duty to take all out efforts now to bring the company out of the crises. Each one of the employee has to work hard to increase the company’s market share as well as the revenue. This cannot be achieved without improving the quality of our services and launching an aggressive field level marketing. Forum will do every thing to ensure the timely supply of equipments, materials etc. But finally it is only the employees who can bring the change. Let us do any thing and every thing to improve the quality of over services and thereby increase the revenue of the company. Yes, now it is time for us to give back. 

[14.06.2012]Kalyan  District Union donates Rs. one lakh
The Kalyan District Union of BSNLEU has sent Rs. One lakh to CHQ, towards building fund. CHQ heartily congratulates the leaders and members of Kalyan District  for getting this great job done.

[14.06.2012]A Land Mark achievement - Circular  of Forum of  BSNL Unions / Associations <>

[12.06.2012]Agreement signed. Major demand of 78.2% IDA fitment settled. Strike deferred. CHQ congratulates the entire BSNL employees who exhibited exemplary determination to settle the demand. <> M-09426254999

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