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Strike in BSNL on 13-06-2012-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-09426254999 M-09426254999
Superannuation Benefit: As per DPE guidelines dated Nov26,2008 and April2, 2009, PSUs should evolve a suitable Superannuation scheme to its employees subject to the maximum of benefits 30 % of Basic+DA. Many PSUs have agreed for the same and started designing its scheme.
In the BSNL, the management has to prepare a scheme for its direct recruited employees whose number is less than 20000 (10% of the total). BSNL has been remitting already 12% for PF, 4.16 % for Gratuity (thro trust managers) and the question is the remaining 14%. In this medical facility may be to the tune of 4 to 5% . They have to sort out 10% for some good pension scheme. They are not paying any pension contribution to these employees as per FR116.
A joint committee consisting of official side and staff side may be constituted, with specific terms of reference and period to study various PSus schemes and suggest a suitable one to BSNL with the assurance that the scheme would be opened not later than Jan 2013

Child Care Leave: We come to know that this issue was accepted and management reconciled from its earlier position of allowing the leave without pay.

PH Allowance: There are 2 to 2.5 % in this category. Can we not able to press upon that their case cannot be postponed as these differently abled people with all their physical constraints have to move to office to execute the work. If the management is doubling the present amount of their Transport Allowance, it will not cost more than 30 lakh in the entire budget. Whether the management has any social responsibility or not to solve this kind of humane issues?

TA: If the present rates of Transport allowances are doubled, the additional outgo needed is just 10 crores.

Bonus: Though the demand is not included in the strike notice, they have agreed during wage revision to review the scheme. They may say that PLI is linked not only with MOU parameter but also profit. If profit, let them give PLI. If no profit, let them give Festival Allowance like Air port Authorities (not Festival advance). The outgo may be, if 3500 to each, not more than 90 crores.

LTC. They cannot unilaterally withdraw the one found in the wage agreement signed by both Dir Gopaldas and Namboodri. It is like a legal document. They are answerable. They have to restore it .

78.2: It is too much on the part of management to act like a parrot saying repeatedly about money. Earlier CMD said that if 18500 not paid, my job would be put into danger.. The present CMD is saying if I give something to workers, I have to go. We could not understand their psychology. They are not doing anything out of rules to fear their bosses.. Why they are so hesitant on the question of paying even the eligible 78.2, as per the Govt guidelines.
We understand negotiation cannot be on the lines of hard and fast attitudes. Obstinacy on both the sides would cause immense damage. Unfortunately the management fails to give alternatives for staff side consideration.  Simply giving vague assurances to the demands would not solve the problem, which were  accepted by the management as genuine demands.
There is no money is the constant statement that CMD is telling whenever we enter into negotiation. They can prefer BSNL Bonds (promissory notes) for arrears which can be encashed either at the time of retirement or 2 years lock in period whichever earlier
CMD is seeking 3 months time, as he is expecting some reimbursement from GOI- to review the financial position to consider 78.2.  If management is honest enough to settle the issue they should come to some agreement that 78.2 would be implemented at least from 1-9-2012 and arrears can be thrashed out after some improvement

Last year BSNL spent 2230 cr for fuel and power. It is not murmuring for the increased cost and not shown any protest to any state or CG. It silently bore that hike. It has spent 1500 cr on mtce and repair head.. it does not about that hike  and not denied payment to the concerned quoting no money. It has paid IUC to other operators to the tune of 2340 cr.. no body wailed about any financial condition. Franchise commission was 120 cr.. why don’t they hand over that work to our employees and save that commission. One can easily find money, if they have any commitment to implement Govt guidelines regarding the issues of employees.
The above are some of our suggestions. We don’t know whether the leaders of the Forum would relish. We assure to the leaders that we will try our best to organize the strike full. But coming empty handed after struggle will not be relished by ordinary employees. Let us strive hard to make the strike every success.

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