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BSNL is Coming Back to Profits by 2018 with New Strategies M-94262 54999

BSNL is Coming Back to Profits by 2018 with New Strategies M-94262 54999

BSNL is Coming Back to Profits by 2018, Yes, whatever you have read is correct. BSNL is targeted to taste the profits again with new strategies. BSNL is going to be one of the most prestigious and profit making company among other PSU’s and other telecom service providers.

After taking over as CMD by Shri Anupam Srivastava, he is clear what he has to do, what are all the strengths and weakness of the company. How to manage the Weakness and turn them in to success stories and how to make best usage of the strengths to gain the and make BSNL a model, rather than BSNL following other profit making models.

BSNL is coming with the business models which are really a head turner for any legacy mind set and retro type Business models. Good nice to see with all these BSNL is going to make profits in the near future…as told by the latest and present CMD Shri Anupam Srivastava.

In general what we think about BSNL legacy mind set is like that, everything BSNL has to do, and no body with in BSNL is likely to change towards the market trends or even to customer requirements. Customer has to come to them and then we as customer may get the service from BSNL.
BSNL Coming Back to Profits with New Ideas
This was then BSNL operated or even enjoyed the monopoly in the sector. After the change of early 90’s financial policies , Monopolies gone and market was open to many operators where technology adoption and customer service had took a game changer role. Still BSNL had clocked no 1 position till 2006.

With the policy paralysis or Govt is not interested to see BSNL as a profit making company, there was no technology up gradation till 2012. The critical era of Voice communication was missed out of BSNL scope and BSNL stood at 4th place among the other players in Mobile communication.

This is merely a lack of timely release of tenders and delay in equipment procurement. It was like that employees they themselves gone on strike to procure or even install the equipment, then only things had happened. But BSNL new CMD is not going in to post-mortem of the past years. Done is done, Now he is having the bright plans for BSNL again to achieve its earlier glory with all their own Landline, Mobile and BSNL Broadband Services.

They Key aspects which Mr Srivastava , BSNL CMD is stressing is about.. Converting of the weakness into strengths. Like BSNL customer service, is very tough and not upto the expectations of present day expectations.

To handle this level of change management with in a PSU company like BSNL is very tough. For this BSNL has outsourced Service Network, in the same line face of the BSNL is becoming close to the customers with Franchise network and also Dealer Network and also BSNL again rejuvenate landline business by introducing BSNL Unlimited Free calling with quality services at happy hours for all BSNL Users (BSNL Landline and Broadband Services including Fiber to the Home Network) across India.

BSNL CMD conveyed the strengths of BSNL is its infrastructure, He want to monetize on that also. Fibre Network, Copper cable Network, Fixed Land Line Network and tower infra is going to be revenue generators, Not like typical PSU mind set, Sharing of the infra to peers and generation of revenue from that sharing is going to be the business model.

Earlier data service provider (OTT) who generally operates with the customer used to get the huge portion of the revenue that the infra guy (TSP’s) who supports with his infra. Now this is going to be changed as per the coming regulatory changes, and will be beneficial for both of them.

Shri Srivastava told that Voice data revolution has reached at saturation point, coming is only the data revolution, without the 4G license BSNL is planning to address data customers requirements in a big way, with establishment of WiFi Hotspots. Establishment of WiFi hotspots is not challenge, it’s already is about to install 2500 HotSpots.

The one important thing is that, transfer of data session from 3G to Wifi. With this majority of data consumers in the open areas may use BSNL wifi hotspots, giving the 3G band a room for GSM customers to access high speed data. On BSNL 3G you may get upto 42Mbps of data speed and at BSNL Wifi Hotspots you may be getting a speed of 300Mbps at affordable tariff.

Our Telecom already offers the lowest priced BSNL 3G Data Plans in market and now after this new stratagies, This is going to be a game changer for BSNL to get profits by 2018, Soon BSNL may be the best wireless data service provider in India. BSNL wants to break the revenue beyond the breakeven point to make BSNL a profit making company within three years from now.

He is working on stats rather than words. This should really going to make a new era in BSNL to get good profits by 2018 with new strategies applied. To make this happen, our new government will allow BSNL to go with this strategy and make BSNL a Jewel among all PSU’s to offer the best quality telecom services(Landline, Mobile, Broadband, Enterprise) for Indians.
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