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BSNLWageRevisionLatest M-9426201999

Hard Bargaining for a Better
Wage Agreement
The non-executtiive emplloyees off BSNL are natturalllly resttiive and angry tthatt ttheiir
wage reviisiion due ffrom 01..01..2007 iis yett nott settttlled.. The wage reviisiion off IITS
offffiicers who are on deputtattiion tto BSNL and tthatt off executtiives have been
ordered and pay scalles ffiixed and arrears drawn..
Whiille iin governmentt,, IITS,, Gazetttted Offffiicers and non-gazetttted emplloyees were
allll gettttiing pay reviisiion att tthe same ttiime as per recommendattiions off tthe pay
commiissiion acceptted by govtt.. Butt iin tthe Publliic Secttor,, iinclludiing BSNL,, tthe
wage reviisiion iis separatte ffor executtiives.. The IITS offffiicers who have nott yett
absorbed iin BSNL gott pay reviisiion w..e..ff.. 01..01..2006 by November,, 2008 as per
recommendattiions off VII CPC.. The executtiives wage reviisiion was done by
February,, 2009 as per recommendattiions off tthe IIII Pay Reviiew Commiittttee ffor
executtiives.. Thiis recommendattiion iis applliicablle tto tthe executtiive iin allll Centtrall
Butt ffor non-executtiives iin Centtrall PSUs,, tthere iis neiitther any Pay Commiissiion as
ffor Centtrall Govtt.. emplloyees nor any Pay Reviiew Commiittttee ffor executtiives.. The
wage reviisiion ffor non-executtiives iis done afftter negottiiattiion and agreementt wiitth
tthe recogniized uniion//uniions.. IIn allll tthe Centtrall PSUs,, tthe negottiiattiion has sttartted
recenttlly and iin ttwo or tthree PSUs onlly tthe wage settttllementt has reached so ffar..
Butt iin BSNL,, att tthe iinsttance off BSNLEU,, negottiiattiion sttartted earlliier tthan iin otther
PSUs.. BSNLEU//Uniitted Forum submiitttted iitts Chartter off Demands iin Augustt,, 2008
iittsellff and demanded diiscussiion.. Siince tthere was dellay iin sttarttiing diiscussiion,, tthe
Uniitted Forum gave a callll ffor one day sttriike on 12tth December,, 2008.. As per
sttriike agreementt,, tthe negottiiattiion sttartted on 15tth December,, 2008,, butt based on
tthe compllaiintt off certtaiin uniions tthatt wage negottiiattiion shoulld nott be done duriing
tthe periiod off membershiip veriiffiicattiion,, ffurtther diiscussiion was posttponed..
BSNLEU and Uniitted Forum demanded iintteriim relliieff as tthe diiscussiion was
prollongiing.. Once agaiin a callll ffor 2 days sttriike was giiven ffor 19 – 20tth May,, 2009..
As per sttriike agreementt,, siix montths pay was grantted as advance as allso reviised
rattes off HRA w..e..ff.. February,, 2009..
IInsttead off agreeiing tto tthe reasonablle demands raiised by tthe Uniitted Forum,, tthe
managementt ttook an adamantt sttand and wantted tthe uniions tthatt whattever tthey
offffered shoulld be acceptted by uniions iinsttead off bargaiiniing and negottiiattiing ffor
betttter wages.. The managementt even wentt tto tthe exttentt off even iissuiing a
ciircullar tto CGMs // GMs tto ttellll tthe emplloyees tthatt tthe dellay iin settttllementt iis due
tto tthe adamantt sttand off tthe uniion.. Thiis lliine was echoed by certtaiin uniions whiich
tthey used tto explloiitt tthe anger off workers agaiinstt tthe recogniized uniion.. They gott
siignattures ffrom tthe workers iin a profforma tthatt tthe pay scalles recommended by IIII
Pay Reviiew Commiittttee be paiid tto non-executtiives.. The IIII Pay Reviiew Commiittttee
was ffor executtiives and iitt had nott recommended any pay scalles tto nonexecuttiives..
The workers natturalllly rejjectted tthe profforma..
IItt was iin tthiis conttextt tthatt tthe Uniitted Forum gave callll ffor 48 hours sttriike on 19 –
20 Augustt,, 2009 ffor a speedy settttllementt accepttiing tthe demands raiised by tthe
uniion.. More tthan ttwo llakh workers parttiiciipatted and made tthe sttriike a biig
success.. IInsttead off settttlliing tthe demands,, tthe managementt wantted tto puniish tthe
workers and cutt ttwo days sallary off sttriikers..
Now tthe negottiiattiion has resttartted under tthe new chaiirman.. Duriing tthe
diiscussiion,, certtaiin progress has been made and ffurtther diiscussiion iis expectted
by tthe ffourtth week off Octtober,, 2009..
One off tthe maiin diisputtes iis over tthe periiodiiciitty off agreementt.. The uniions wantt
ffiive years periiodiiciitty as iis beiing agreed iin otther PSUs.. The uniions iin otther PSUs
are makiing agreementt wiitth 5 years periiodiiciitty even iiff tthe ffiittmentt iis lless tthan
30% siince tthey know tthatt ttwo ffiive year agreementts off even 25% ffiittmentt wiillll gett
tthem 50% ffiittmentt iinsttead off 30% iin tten years.. Butt as ffar as BSNL emplloyees
are concerned we can nott agree tto lless tthan 30% ffiittmentt as a llarge number off
emplloyees have rettiired and are goiing tto be rettiired by 2012.. Hence we cannott
acceptt lless tthan 30% ffiittmentt..
Afftter hard bargaiiniing,, tthe managementt iin tthe llastt meettiing on 13tth Octtober has
offffered tthatt a reviiew can be made afftter 5 years butt tthe periiodiiciitty off agreementt
iis tto be menttiioned as tten years.. 30% ffiittmentt on pay pllus 68..8% IIDA can be
giiven as iin tthe case off executtiives and iincrease ffrom 68..8% tto 78..2% can be
negottiiatted ffor botth.. The uniions wantted tthatt tthe periiodiiciitty need nott be
menttiioned as iin tthe case off executtiives.. Butt tthe offffiiciiall siide doesn’’tt agree and
iinsiistts on menttiioniing a 10 years periiodiiciitty ffor non-executtiives siince iitt iis an
agreementt.. We have demanded tthatt periiodiiciitty shoulld nott be made.. Thiis wiillll be
ffurtther diiscussed iin tthe nextt meettiing..
Our effffortts are ffor a betttter settttllementt earlly so tthatt tthe workers wiillll gett tthe
maxiimum beneffiitt and we wiillll spare no paiins ffor tthe same..
********** M-9426201999

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