Sunday, October 4, 2009

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[05.10.2009]We express solidarity with the suffering people of A.P., Karnataka, Goa etc.

BSNLEU express solidarity with the suffering people of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and Orissa where, due to heavy rain and floods 150 people have died. Some towns in Karnataka and A. P. are completely under water. More than one lakh houses have collapsed.

BSNLEU condoles the deaths and conveys its condolences to the bereaved families and friends.

[03.10.2009]OUR HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES: - With deep sorrow we inform that Com. V. Jayaprakash, STOA, Saibaba Colony Exchange, Coimbatore and his wife and two children expired in the Boat Mishap at Thekkadi, in Tamil Nadu Kerala Border. It is also very sad that five more from the same family also died in the same accident on 30.09.2009

CHQ conveys its heartfelt condolences for the bereaved families.


[02.10.2009]IDA increase expected:- IDA is likely to increase w.e.f. 01.10.2009:

On pre-revised scale (1997) Basic + 50% DP = 11.6 %, On Revised (2007) Basic + DA = 6.8 %

Orders are to be issued.

[02.10.2009]BSNL & DoT Pensioners Convention at Delhi on 21st October, 2009 <>

[01.10.2009]Next meeting of the Wage Negotiation:- Next meeting of the Wage Negotiation Committee is fixed on the 13th / 14th October, 2009. We tried to hold it on 1st October, 2009. Since some of the management side members of the committee are on leave, it did not materialize. Again, the Chairman of the Wage Negotiation Committee is going on leave (going abroad on a personal visit) for a week. Hence, the delay is convening the meeting.

[29.09.2009]PLI for 2008-2009 - A letter to CMD BSNL <>

[29.09.2009]Revision of pension for BSNL retirees (DoT employees absorbed in BSNL) - A letter to Sidhartha Behura, Secretary, DoT <>

[29.09.2009]CHQ seeks clarification on restructure of BSNL <>

[26.09.2009]BSNL Order on Stoppage of Union Subscription <>

[25.09.2009]CHQ writes to management on holding prequalifying test for TTA LDCE. <>

[25.09.2009]CHQ writes to management on Child Care Leave and Maternity Leave. <>

[22.09.2009] Promotion Policy - Discussion with DOT:- Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri,General Secretary,BSNLEU and Com.P.Abhimanyu, Dy. General Secretary met DDG (Estt) Shri.A.K. Das and discussed about the approval of 9200/- pay scale by DOT. DDG (Estt) stated that the matter has been referred to DOT Finance for early approval.

[22.09.2009]GS BSNLEU demands Bonus as last year - Protest Letter BSNLEU/404 (Bonus) dated 22-09-2009 to Shri.Kuldeep Goyal,CMD,BSNL <>

[21.09.2009]Marketing of BSNL services to Central / State governments and PSU establishments. (GS BSNLEU letter No. BSNLEU/604(Dev.) dated 22.09.2009 to Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL. <>

[21.09.2009] Austerity measures in view of the present financial position of BSNL.(GS BSNLEU letter No. BSNLEU/604(Dev.) dated 22.09.2009 to Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL. <>

Hold demonstrations on 22-09-2009 (Tuesday), to protest against the arbitrary order of the BSNL management, violating the “PLI formula”, and sanctioning less bonus. This is the call of the United Forum of BSNL unions. Conduct the programme effectively by mobilising the workers fully.

V.A.N. Namboodiri

Convenor, United Forum

[19.09.2009] Bonus 2009 – one more arbitrary decision of BSNL management.

BSNL has issued order for this year’s bonus (PLI). Non-executives are paid only Rs. 3500/-. This is totally unacceptable to us and we condemn this arbitrary decision. As per BSNL’s MOU rating for this year, as per the bonus formula, Non-Executives are eligible for minimum bonus of Rs. 7000/-. This was conveyed to the CMD, BSNL and Director (HR), in categorical terms by BSNLEU and the United Forum, in the meeting held on 15-09-2009. Country wide Dharnas/demonstrations were also conducted by the United Forum on 17-09-2009. Despite all these, BSNL Board has arbitrarily decided to pay a paltry amount as bonus. Company’s reduced profit is not an excuse for denial of eligible bonus. Bonus formula is the only criteria, according to which Non-Executives are eligible for minimum bonus of Rs. 7000/-. In the case of Interim Relief, we compelled the management to modify it’s arbitrary order. Similarly, in the case of bonus also, BSNLEU and United Forum will get the arbitrary order modified.

[19.09.2009] Austerity in BSNL - Editorial of Telemessage October, 2009 <>

[18.09.2009] BSNL order on PLI (Bonus) for Executives,Non Executives and Casual labour <>

[18.09.2009] Bonus : - CHQ congratulates all comrades for effectively conducting Dharna / demonstrations yesterday the 17-09-2009, at a very short notice, demanding minimum bonus of Rs.7000 for all Non- Executives. So far no order is issued on bonus. It is understood that the Board of Directors have taken some decision on 15-09-2009 itself. CHQ is taking efforts for the issuing of the order without further delay.

[18.09.2009] BSNL issues clarifications regarding JAO part II Internal Competitive Exams against 40% and 10% quotas. <>

[17.09.2009] Dharna on Bonus issue - Letter to GM(SR) <>

[17.09.2009] Recruitment Rules of Management Trainees- seeking modification - (Letter to Shri Gopal Das) <>

[16.09.2009] Dharna / demonstration on bonus issue

Since our demand on bonus issue is not accepted by the BSNL management, United Forum calls upon, the employees to conduct dharna / demonstrations on 17.09.2009, at SSA levels. Organize effectively and make the programme a big success.

[15.09.2009]Notice for massive dharna on 11th August, 2009 at SSA / Circle level and 48-hours strike on 19-20 August, 2009 for settlement of wage revision and other demands <> <>

[15.09.2009]United Forum meets CMD, BSNL and Director (HRD) on Bonus issue:- As per decision of yesterday’s meeting of associations and unions of Executives and Non-Executives, meetings were held both with Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL and Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) to-day, 15th September, 2009 on Bonus issue.

The unions demanded that the minimum bonus of Rs.7000/- to Rs.10,000/- be paid to the non-executives as paid during the last year. The CMD stated that since the profit has gone down only Rs.3500/- can be paid to non-executives and Rs.5000/- to executives. The CMD requested the unions to voluntarily forego Bonus this year in view of the company’s adverse financial positions. The unions protested and reiterated their demand for full bonus. NFTE, FNTO & BSNLWRU who were party to yesterday’s decision did not attend the meeting, despite they had agreed to come.

[15.09.2009]BSNL Associations & Unions Demand Full Bonus:- The meeting of the Associations / Unions of Executives and Non-executives held on 14.09.2009 at National Council Office, New Delhi, presided by Com. A.A. Khan (SNEA) strongly protested against the proposal of BSNL management to reduce this year Bonus to Rs.5000/- for executives and Rs.3500/- to non-executives. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, GS, BSNLEU explained the issue in detail.

After through discussion it was decided to meet the CMD BSNL on 15.09.2009 and convey our protest as also to demand for Bonus as last year. M-9426201999


ibrahim_bsnl said...

can u please give me the cmd cell number, we at our ssa decided to give messages to cmd for consideration of wage revision at par with executives, please help

ibrahim_bsnl said...

Recently at AP very bad sutiation, in this connection so many officials demand to postponed the exams, but what about who are already taken classes and they loss their leaves etc, is it justified to postponed the exam?

Where as the gap (nearly Two months) between the flood and the exam very long, they can prepare easly who are loss in floods.

Please clarify whter in base exam can postponed? pls give replay