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[09.10.2009] GS Meets Member (Finance), DoT on Promotional Policy: - Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU met smt. Vijayalakshmi K. Gupta, Member (Finance), DoT on 9th October 2009 and discussed about the approval for the 9200 pay scale newly being introduced in the Promotional Policy. Member (Finance) assured that the same will be approved early.

[09.10.2009] Meeting of DoT - BSNL - BSNLEU was held today 9th October 2009 under the chairmanship of Shri J.S. Deepak, Jt.Secretary (T), DoT. Details will be published later.

[09.10.2009] Limited Departmental Competitive Examination Telecom Technical Assistant (under 40% quota) for the recruitment year 2008. <>

[09.10.2009] Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of Telecom Mechanic for the Recruitment Year 2008. <>

[08.10.2009]DoT Committee on 09.10.2009 :- The committee formed by Secretary, DoT to discuss issues taken up by BSNL Employees Union will be held on 9th October, 2009. The meeting will be chaired by Joint Secretary (T), DoT and will be attended by DDGs from DoT, GM (SR), BSNL and General Secretary, BSNLEU.

[08.10.2009]Anomaly Committee Meeting :- Anomaly committee meeting will be held on 12th November, 2009 to explore the implementation of the committee report in view of the DoT's certain observations.

[08.10.2009]Minutes of the meeting of Wage Revision Committee held on 08.09.2009 under the Chairmanship of Shri S.R. Kapoor, ED(Fin.), on 'Wage Revision for Non-executive Employees in BSNL & follow up meeting held on 09.09.09<>

[07.10.2009]Joint Forum Meeting on 7th October 2009

The meeting of the executive and non-executive Associations / Unions held on 7th October, 2009 at National Council Room, Eastern Court, New Delhi after thorough discussion, took the following decisions:

Demand the management to ensure implementation of the assurance given to the Joint Forum that the ITS absorption will be finalized before December 2009.
Demand the DOT to rescind the orders issued regarding deputation of Account Officers from DOT.
Meet the CMD to find out about the various reports coming in the press regarding outsourcing, forming of another company from BSNL, sharing of infrastructure etc. since no official statement has come so far. After meeting the CMD, Joint Forum will meet and plan our strategy and action programme.
Consult BCG report with the Unions before implementing the same.
Next meeting of the JF will be held after meeting CMD.

[07.10.2009]Meeting with Director (HRD )

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, GS, BSNLEU along with Coms. R.S.Chauhan, Org. Secretary and Lalan Sah (corporate office) met Shri Gopal Das, Director(HRD) and discussed the following issues:

Wage Revision: The Union insisted that the wage revision be finalized early. Director (HRD) stated that the issue be discussed in the meeting on 13th October 2009.
Promotion Policy: Director (HRD) agreed to contact with DOT for the early clearance of the 9200- pay scale for which it was referred to DOT. The Policy will be implemented as soon as it is received back.
3. Director (HRD) assured for holding the National Council early.

[06.10.2009]Promotion policy meeting on 14th October, 2009: - Promotion Policy meeting will be held at 14.30 hours on 14th October, 2009 <>

[06.10.2009]Wage Negotiation Meeting on 13th October, 2009: - Next Wage Negotiation meeting will be held at 14.30 hours on 13th October, 2009. All efforts are being made for an early settlement. <>

[06.10.2009]SSA March and Bharat Sanchar Bhawan March: - Mysore Central Executive Committee has decided to organize SSA March and Bharat Sanchar Bhawan March, if the Wage Revision, Promotion Policy etc. are not settled with out further delay. Meet each and every worker, explain the unhelpful attitude of management and prepare for organizing the above programmes.

[06.10.2009] GS Meets Secretary, DoT: - Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU met the newly appointed Chairman, Telecom Commission & Secretary, DoT, Shri P.J. Thomas on 5th October, 2009 and welcomed and greeted him. It was a curtsey call.

[06.10.2009] All India Protest Day on 28th October, 2009 - National Convention Call :- The National Convention of 9 Central Trade Unions – CITU, AITUC, INTUC, BMS, HMS, AIUTUC, TUCC, AICCTU, UTUC have called upon the working class to jointly observe 28th October, 2009 as All India Protest Day highlighting the demands. Organize maximum participation. To see National Convention Declaration. <>

[06.10.2009] HLL Workers reject 10 year periodicity:- Hindustan Latex Limited management offered 30% fitment on basic, 21% personal pay and 3% extra for 10 year period. The union has rejected the offer since it is for 10 year period. They want 5 year periodicity.

[05.10.2009]Letter to CMD on discussion with Joint Forum <>


[05.10.2009]We express solidarity with the suffering people of A.P., Karnataka, Goa etc.

BSNLEU express solidarity with the suffering people of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and Orissa where, due to heavy rain and floods 150 people have died. Some towns in Karnataka and A. P. are completely under water. More than one lakh houses have collapsed.

BSNLEU condoles the deaths and conveys its condolences to the bereaved families and friends. M-9426201999

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