Monday, August 17, 2015 M-94262 54999 13.08.2015: Forum meeting with CMD BSNL on formation of separate subsidiary M-94262 54999
13.08.2015:  Forum meeting with CMD BSNL on formation of separate subsidiary Tower Company: Today on 13-08-2015 detail meeting is held with CMD BSNL on formation of separate subsidiary Tower Company. What we understand through the detail discussion is that formation of subsidiary company is beneficial to improve the account book of BSNL subjected to certain conditions which is much needed in view of forthcoming pay revision in year 2017. These conditions are, BSNL Board must have full control on appointment of board, employees and the operation of Tower Company. Employees will be deputed from BSNL on volunteer basis and their HR and other benefits will be governed by the BSNL policies. There should not be any scope for joint venture in future. For this, BSNL board must be given full authority or there should be representation of BSNL board with veto power in inter-ministerial group which is not yet clear. Followed by the meeting with CMD, forum has conducted its own meeting and decided to have a detail meeting with DOT Secretary to know the detail of cabinet note then it will be decided for intensifying the struggle. BSNL Board must have been empowered for the formation of subsidiary company if at all it required but the decision is taken by the cabinet which itself is a matter of fear that in future there can be joint venture in Tower Company or can be sold to some private body. Meeting of Joint Forum is decided on 31st Aug, 2015 to decide the further course of actions after having meeting with DOT officers and study the cabinet note.

On the issue of BWA spectrum Rs 4700 Crs to BSNL from Govt. CMD apprised that DOT has agreed to adjust this amount against license fee to be paid by BSNL.  Rs 940 Cr. has been refunded out of Rs 1100 Cr. Payment against license fee paid by BSNL. Rs 160 Cr. yet to be received from DOT. For the interest payment BSNL will pursue with DOT. BSNL will also be receiving Rs 169 Cr. against surrendering of one slot of CDMA spectrum shortly.

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