Monday, April 20, 2009

JAO-Part-II Syllabus-Latest News by ashok Hindocha(M-9426201999)


(TO JAO PART-II Candidates)

The results of JAO Part-I Screening Test has been announced by most of the Circles. A large number of candidates have found themselves successful.

The JAO Part-II Examination will be held shortly. This will be the last chance to write in JAO PART-II OLD SYLLABUS.

The details of the syllabus is given on the reverse side of this letter.

The following books are available with us. Please pass on the information to the candidates so that they can place the order and get the books through V.P.P.

1. Printed Telecom Accounts Manual Rs. 200/-
2. Printed P&T FHB Vol. III (Part 1, 2 & 3) Rs. 250/-
3. Printed P&T Manual Vol. X Rs. 350/-
4. Naithani’s complete Solved Paper
(All papers VII to XI)
for Telecom/BSNL JAO Exam. Rs. 300/-
Guides For
Telecom Accounts-I
5. Master Guide to Telecom Revenue A/c
(Paper VII & VIII) for JAO Part-II Rs. 300/-
Telecom Accounts-II
6. Master Guide To Telecom A/cs. Rs. 275/-
(Cash & Works) (Paper IX &X)
Since the examination is on Competitive basis, get the books early (without waiting for announcement of examination dates), make good preparations, obtain top ranks and succeed.
The orders can be placed on:
R. Ramachandran*
74, Third Floor,
Arjun Nagar, New Delhi-110029
Mobile: 98682 11477 Email:

* former General Secretary, AIP&T AFSOA

(Books will be sent by V.P.P. – Postal Charges will be extra.)

Subject I : Telecom Accounts – I

Paper VII – Theory without books – 2 hrs. 100 marks
Paper VIII – Practical – with books – 2 ½ hrs. 100 marks
Prescribed books:
1. P&T FHB Vol.I (Genl. Principles and cash)
2. Indian Telegraph Acts and Rules
3. P&T Manual Vol. IX
4. P&T Manual Vol. XII
5. P&T Manual Vol. XIV
6. P&T FHB Vol. V
7. Telegraph Guide Part-I
8. Telecom Accounts Manual (Chapter XII dealing with Accounts with Railways / Canal Administrations regarding billing of rental etc. for leased Lines / Guaranteed Offices)
9. MIS reports of appropriate years for Telephone / Telecom. Revenue for operating expenses / performance indicators.
Subject II : Telecom Accounts – II
Paper IX – Theory without books – 2 hrs. 100 marks
Paper X – Practical – with books – 2 ½ hrs. 100 marks
Prescribed books:
1. P&T FHB Vol. I (Genl. Principles and cash)
2. P&T FHB Vol. III (Part-1, II and III)
3. P&T FHB Vol. IV
4. P&T Manual Vol. X
5. P&T Manual Vol. XV
6. Telecom Accounts Manual (Chapter 1 to 7 and II)
7. Book of Account Office forms Vol. I
8. Book of P&T Account Forms

Subject III : Civil Works Accounts Rules and Procedure
Paper XI –with books – 3 hrs. 150 marks
Prescribed books:
1. CPWA Code
2. CPWD Manual
3. Book of Forms
Total (i) Three Subjects (ii) Five Papers (iii) 550 Marks


chhinder said...

it is learnt that there will be 4 papers 3 written and 1 practical for the jao-2 paper instead of no.of papers noted by u. kindly clarify :

ashokhindocha"s-kamal said...

JAO Part-II Latest Syllabus is as under
JAO-Part-II Syllabus is as under
Accounting & costing 3 hours-300 marks
Paper-II Teleco Revenue 3 hrs 300 Marks
Paper-III Works account 3 hours 300 marks
Paer-IV-Business & Economics law 3 hours 300 marks
Paper-V Service rules & budgetd 3 hours 300 marks
paper-VI Precis Writting, Drafting & Grammer 3 hrs 150 marks
For more Detials
Ashok Hindocha-Rajkot

Kranti said...

namaskar. pl give detailed list of reference books and also the details about with books & without books syllabus.

ashokhindocha"s-kamal said...

Kindly confirm ,whether is is a old syllabus or New
I have given information accordingly
ashok Hindocha-BSNL

rrpatel said...

Pl give books list for JAO Part-II exam. & details abot exam and papers with time duration, practical books

sreejith said...

helo my friend...

since it is long time...that we had jao exams....

there are a lot of things to get clarified...

for eg...the books that we can take to the exam hall...there is no clear instructions...

last time...many of the exam centres at kerala...disallowed soem books ...which were supposed to be allowed...

so please get a approved list of books...that can be taken into exam...hall..

if such a bsnl approved distributed..among exam invigilators...and candidates...along with the hall permit...then there wil be uniqueness...

please do smoething...

hmm.. said...

State Election in jharkhand is on 2nd dec 2009 will that effect JAO part II exam ?

ashokhindocha"s-kamal said...

kindly visit
ashok hindocha
for latest BSNL News

R Shankar said...

Dear Sir,

Can u suggest the reference books for the JAO exam of Feb/Mar 2010 for both Part I and II.

Whether any model papers and solved previous exam papers are available.

rjha said...


Kindly post NEW SYLLABUS of JAO Exam in BSNL

Ravindra Jha
CAO, BSNL, Bihar, Patna