Thursday, April 16, 2015

BSNL Unlimited Calling to any Network - New Launch | BSNL Landline again starts to RULE M-94262 54999

BSNL Unlimited Calling to any Network - New Launch | BSNL Landline again starts to RULE M-94262 54999

BSNL is the brand, Indian PSU which is having a large share across PAN India in wired telephony now announced Unlimited Calling offers with out any single rupee extra charge. BSNL and its team are of something like our neighbours or even at any point of time any call you take, BSNL presence or even service you will use. That is the scope of BSNL in Indian Telephony.

Earlier days we eagerly waited for unlimited calling at nights which made our friends and relatives stick to the phone. BSNL made our relations stronger and kept us with a sense you are talking to your dear ones.

If you call from a mobile, you may be occupied with some other work along with the call, but landline means you are taking some time intentionally to make a call in the specific period of time defined by BSNL for Unlimited Calling to any network with out any charges. This meansBSNL is in other way strengthening our personal relations with this new type of Unlimited Calling facility in addition to the existing Unlimited BSNL Calling Plans.
BSNL Unlimited Call Plans to any network in India
In late 90’s or early 2K, we are very much acquainted to BSNL Unlimited/Night calling facility. With this facility we really enjoyed a lot with our friends and relatives. This made us check the time for calling and taking a time slot to call our dear ones, made us to bind with love and affection among our own friends.

In this hi-tech world, we all have a feeling that, no body uses landline. Just keep your hand on your heart and tell the same, You can’t. Somewhere at some pocket of your mind you still believe, landline communications are still required. It gives reliable connectivity and dedicated link to your home from the exchange and will not depend on the weathers or any signal obstructions.

We all know these facts, but the Smartphone facilities you think they may not be available in landlines. But our own BSNL has also to be introduced smart landlines. Furthermore the hot topic as of now is BSNL had declared Unlimited Voice Calling Free for all Networks both for Wired and Wireless across all service providers.

Yes, Unlimited calling from BSNL landline to any network and any type of connection i.e. CDMA / GSM Mobile, WLL, Landline to call any where across India as Free without any charges . This is going to be the best option for opting BSNL landline. This unlimited calling option will be available for all BSNL Landline users from 9:00PM to 7:00AM with effect from 01.05.2015.

BSNL is striving very hard to regain its glory and is opting many showstopper plans during recent past. This Unlimited Voice calling from BSNL landlines is really best and best option among those. Earlier BSNL used to restrict its freebies with in BSNL connections, this time it is coming a way ahead with its bold and dynamic decision benefiting the customers by allowing unlimited calls to any network, for whom their dear ones are in another network.

In this present competitive market, all the telecom operators are increasing Voice and Data charges, but BSNL the only one decreasing the rates, this will be proved again on introduction of this new Unlimited Calling to any network from BSNL Landline. Go ahead avail BSNL landline unlimited calling facility and enjoy, No restrictions only have unlimited enjoyment from the our brand BSNL.
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