Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Minimum Broadband Speed to be redefined as 2Mbps - Soon.. M-94262 54999

Minimum Broadband Speed to be redefined as 2Mbps - Soon.. M-94262 54999

As all of us know as we have already discussed in earlier, that minimum broadband speed is set as 512 Kbps by TRAI. To claim as a broadband speed every service provider has to pump 512Kbps speed. Now this is to be changed and the limit is going to be redefined again.. it’s a very good news from TRAI for all Indian broadband users, as you are going to get 2Mbps speed as a standard speed in near future.

This is going to push a major revolutionary change in entire Indian Networking world. Users will get lot more options to avail at this 2Mbps speed. The infrastructure to provide this speeds are going to be focused and in other way even mobile network speeds are also going to shed their loads with in network infrastructure.
India's minimum Broadband Speed 2Mbps
Yes, To provide these high speeds we have to bring fiber connectivity even to end points like homes etc., If this happens what is that as an end user we are going to get. We have worked on the internet speeds right from 64kbps, 128 kbps to 100 Mbps.

All these high broadband speeds sufficed our requirements on that day, but as you see the content and visualization the graphics and videos which are being streamed across internet was more, now-a-days and are also very useful for our education and even for our productive work. If the speeds are high we can consume more data, as data consumption is directly proportional to GDP growth, as a whole we will have best economy.

After all the success stories, coming to the point why government is trying to push higher speeds and fiber networks to homes. There is a reason, India the country with 125 Crore population but having least fiber connectivity and most of the connectives are been done using intermediate wireless bands. This is being loaded or even crowded for all types of users, finally yields to poor performance and huge frequency consumption.

To have a bail out in this scenario, TRAI is coming with a good strategy by redefining the minimum broadband speed as “2Mbps”, Which in turn calls for establishing good fiber connectivity even to houses. As part of National Optical Fiber Network we are going to cover a good stretch of Fibre connectivity.

IF the load on the frequency offered to the wireless connections comes down with this strategy, Wireless service providers can offer better services on their network. Furthermore as a subscriber of both wired and wireless connections, we can enjoy the greatest speeds with minimum of 2 Mbps.
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