Monday, July 11, 2016

BSNL Profits Touches 2000 Crores Operating Profit-inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

BSNL Profits Touches 2000 Crores Operating Profit-inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

BSNL Profits is going to be as synonymous as Hello for of all us in the corporate business sector. BSNL the name which is synonymous for every household in India. The same company which made all of us to say Hello. BSNL being the solo Indian PSU in telecom sector which defined the market scope and is the only company in India which is giving head on to all its competitors.

In other words we can say that, only because of BSNL, today we all carrying Mobile phones happily. In early 2000 BSNL offered free incoming calls and forcing all other service providers to offer free incoming. Right now BSNL is the only one offering even Free National Roaming in India.

As we all know, BSNL right from beginning is a game changer. Since 2006 BSNL has lost its proactive appetite and till 2012, BSNL is in hibernation due to many reasons and not tasted any BSNL profits, which was already known by everybody.

It’s after the new team which made to taste the BSNL profits. Last financial (2014 - 15), BSNL recorded an operative profit of 672 crores. As per the announcement of Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad ji, BSNL profits (operative) has increased to Rs.2000. Nearly threefold against previous year (Finalized result will be released after complete audit in this August).

Operative profit is not directly linked to net profit, but we can say there is really a positive trend is going with BSNL. This is purely because of right team which is driving and delivering best BSNL services to the customers across India.

BSNL discrete planning and launching customer centered broadband plans for each area as per the competition and changing the service team attitude made the real change in transforming BSNL and driving it towards positive revenue in operating side to reach BSNL profits.

Increasing the network perimeter is not going to help any one in this field and more over in this customer centric era. We have to increase our relations with direct customers and with good Quality of Service only. So customers can vouch for BSNL. To make this happen BSNL is undergoing a lot of changes by allowing Right Person at Right Place for best support to get good customer responsiveness, but also linking the same with increasing in capital infrastructure planning.

For the past two years BSNL sensible plans are really working and are driving customers towards BSNL. The record is not only the new customers, but the rate of returning of the old BSNL customers through mobile number portability is also recording huge raise in the graph, when compared to other service providers going into new direction to taste BSNL profits.

Indian PSU is still in hot seat and offering most effective BSNL mobile plans to subscribers. In this only, last week BSNL has released "Special Yatra SIM Cards" for pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra. BSNL only can offer services like these, as it is the only company which has the deepest service network in India.
After 2013, investment flow in infrastructure increased drastically and it is not a blind flow of money, pushing the funds in the right pocket in the right time. Like BSNL is investing in data market rather than in voice business to reach new BSNL Profits, where there is lean requirement. As per the global telecom analysis, even voice is going to be a part of data services rather than a separate entity.

BSNL is participating actively in Digital India project by increasing its span of connectivity, bringing all rural users into the umbrella. This is why we are expecting BSNL to be synonymous for the word BSNL Profits in the corporate Indian business sector.
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  1. This is all because of very dynamic BSNL CMD shri Anupam Shrivastav and the Government attitude of looking towards BSNL particularly Mr Ravi Shanker ji communication minister.
  2. Well done BSNL. +v efforts of management does bring good results. Moreover high volume and low rate makes the effect.
  3. J.Prabhakaran10 July 2016 at 00:53
    Very glad to hear that the Dept/Company that nurtured us all (DOT/BSNL employees) in the past is doing well financially! Keep it up!!
  4. Even now infrastructure is very poor. If you want additional phone you will get no line available for land line. If you want to upgrade a existing broadband it will not be possible.

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