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इम्पोत्रांत सुगेस्सिओंस

The Chief General Manager,
Gujarat Telecom Circle,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.
Earlier Ref.Letter No: (1) SNEA/Guj/08-09/06c09 dated: 16 /06 /2009.
(2) SNEA/Guj/08-09/05a09 dated: 04 /05 /2009.

Letter No: SNEA/Guj/09-10/09a09 dated: 09 /09 /2009.
Subject: Submission of issue along with suggestions pertaining to BSNL-Interest, in this regard request for taking necessary actions on various issues which are covered in above earlier reference letters.
Respected sir,
As per our above cited subject & earlier reference letters, we are submitting various issues pertain to BSNL interest, our views & suggestions, for kind consideration and appropriate solution please.
(1)Consumer Mobility Pertain issues:-
(1a) Discrimination policy adopted by VTM cell of DOT in regard to the bonofied verification of BSNL mobile customers: It is learnt that the growth of BSNL-Mobile is severely affected due to stringent & discrimination policy of VTM cell of DOT in regard to the bonafied verification of BSNL customers compare to other Operators. It is very surprising that, despite the concern customer is submitting photo identity & resident identity document in presence of our valid authority / agency, but citing the ridiculous reasons our cases are being rejected & recommended for penalty by VTM cell. Due to this tiresome process faced by the customers and unwanted risk faced by our authority / agency, they are forced to opt the private operators services. And funnier thing is that they are getting the connection on the same documents. This is nothing but injustice to BSNL. We earnestly request your good self to take up this issue with VTM Cell and with BSNL HQ for finding the solution.
(1b) Making Popularity of prepaid WLL PCO: Now very attractive scheme is available in Prepaid WLL PCO such that we once again can gain the PCO market and it is too by getting payment in advance without any risk of outstanding /fraud, excluding the expensive & cumbersome billing procedure.
However some important issues still exist which are obstacles in the desirable growth. Which required to be sorted out very quickly with the help of vendor, such as necessary provisions of 16 kHz reversal, working of Prepaid WLL PCO on STD PCO machines, FAX-facility etc is to be ensured along with providing the successful instruments, which are supporting all these facilities. Subsequently uniform & aggressive marketing will certainly Helpful to penetrate PCOs market.
(2) NW Planning & NW Op. Pertain issues:-
(2a) Timely Disposal /scrap of unusable material:- Large amount of life expired material such as erected poles, lines & cable material (external plant),metal, wooden, IT-related material, vehicles, is lying idle, which is resulting in to occupying valuable space , every possibility of pilferage, and more important delay in auction cause down fall in the value of materials. Thus in order to regularize immediately scrapped and disposed off, regular monitoring of the issue is to be done by introducing bimonthly statement covering all the require data / parameter at SSA,Circle and BSNL H.Q.
(2b) Standardization in Power plant modules:- At present SMPS power plants & invertors are the heart of our telecom systems. Now days more then 25 manufacturers are supplying such 25A to 100A capacity power plants, and invertors with different type of technology, circuits, designs, specifications, PCBs, electronic spare parts it is too of different dimensions. Consequently in the case of maintenance, AMC, and replacing spare parts we have to be completely remaining dependent to the concern manufacturer and every time they are charging very high amount looking to our urgent need. And many times even we agree to pay their desire charge even though they are not fulfilling our requirement in time.

As a result our field staff & users have to face lot. To overcome such bindings we suggest that the SMPS power plants and invertors of standard designs for various capacities are to be finalized, in consultation with TEC, and tenders can be invited based on that.
(3) Consumer fixed access / BB pertain issues:
(3a) Flexible plans in BB:-For continuous growth and controlling excess billing complaints we need to review all our existing BB-Home & Business plans and to introduce some flexible plans in both the category having various range in terms of Various download speeds which may have minimum charge in lower side and highest charging in upper side equivalent to unlimited, if it’s usage charge cross to charge of unlimited. Hence it is required that within the different bandwidth limit of lower side (256 kbps), medium side (512kbs -1MB) & on upper side (unlimited) plans of Home & Business category we need to introduce new plans as a permanent solution to avoid excess billing complaints / outstanding , to enhance growth of BB.
No Details of Home- plans Tariff and features Sr.
no Details of Business-plans Tariff and features
1 Various Band with /speed

256 kbps
2024 kbps 1 Band with /speed 256 kbps
2024 kbps
2 (Lower side )Minimum monthly fix Charge
(As per download speed) Rs 125/-
Rs 500/- 2 (Lower side )Minimum monthly fix charge
(As per download speed) Rs 250/-
Rs 1500/-
3 Free download/Upload .5 GB
3.0GB 3 Free download/Upload 2.0 GB
4 Additional usage Charges per MB beyond free Rs0.60/mb
Rs0.80/mb 4 Additional usage Charges per MB beyond free Rs0.60/mb
5 Additional usage charge which go up to Rs. 750,1250,2000,3300 Asper-4 i.e.
As per usage 5 Additional usage charge which go up to Rs. 750/- Asper-4 i.e.
As per usage
6 (Upper side) Maximum usage charge
(As per download speed) Rs. 750/-
Rs. 3300/- 6 (Upper side) Maximum usage charge(As per download speed) Rs. 3300/-
Rs. 15000/-
7 Security deposit Rs 250/-
Rs 1000/- 7 Security deposit Rs 500/-
Rs 3000/-
8 Modem charge /Rent As existing 8 Modem charge /Rent As existing
9 Static IP No 9 Static IP No
10 Fix Monthly voice charge As per exist plan 10 Fix Monthly voice charge As per exist plan
11 Minimum committed period 1 month 11 Minimum committed period 1 month
(3d) In line of providing CLI instrument to Shulabh customer paying for one year advance rental, it is suggested that all BB customers paying advance rent for one year should also be provided CLI instrument free. We are optimistic that our suggestion will be viewed true spiritedly.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(B.G.Patel). Circle President and in charge Circle secretary SNEA (I)-Gujarat.
Copy to :(1) The General Manager (CFA) Gujarat Telecom Circle for information and N/A Please.
(2) The General Manager (CM) Gujarat Telecom Circle for information and N/A
(3) The General Manager (Operation) Gujarat Telecom Circle for information and N/A Please. M-9426201999

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