Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SNEA-CHQ-ND Latest News
There is a 6 - 7% dip in BSNLs revenue for the 1st quarter comparing to last year....

Payment of PLI for 2008-09: DIR(HRD) called the two recognized Executive's Associations in BSNL, SNEA(I) and AIBSNLEA to discuss payment of PLI for the year 2008-09. Management told that this year employees may agree for not to take Bonus as the Financial position is bad. Even if PLI has to be paid, as per DPE guidelines 5% of the distributable profit can be paid (ie. 5% of Rs. 575 crores which comes to Rs. 28 crore). ie. Rs. 28 crores can be distributed among 55,000 Executives and the amount comes to Rs. 5000 which is 50% of last years minimum PLI.
Payment of 2nd installment (60%) of Pay arrears: We requested the early implementation of Dept. of Expenditure order dated 25.08.2009 and endorsed by DoT to BSNL on account of Pay revision. DIR(HRD) assured early action.

India Proposes Partial Ban on China Telecom Vendors: Citing security concerns, the government wants to exclude Chinese suppliers from all but eight Indian states, but local operators are opposing the proposal <>
Govt to announce uniform telecom licence fee <> M-9426201999

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