Friday, September 11, 2009

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[11.09.2009]Red salutes to the fighting pilots:- The pilots of Jet Airways have gone on a “leave en mass” agitation. Most of the Jet Airways pilots have joined this struggle, as a result of which the air services throughout the country are thrown out of gears. The pilots are not fighting for any economic demands, but for the right to start a union. Just because the Jet Airways pilots started a union called “National Aviators Guild”, the management sacked four pilots. It is a matter of shame that this can happen in a democratic country like ours. BSNLEU expresses it’s solidarity with the striking pilots and requests the government to find an amicable solution to the problem.

[11.09.2009]When will they stop this drama?<>

[11.09.2009]Wage Revision – Where we stand? <>

[09.09.2009]Wage Negotiations – Discussion held on 09.09.2009

In the Wage Negotiation Committee meeting held on 08.09.2009, a lengthy discussion took place on the question of periodicity of wage revision. While the Staff Side strongly argued for a 5 year agreement, management maintained that only a ten year agreement was possible. To break the dead-lock, an alternative suggestion was given by the staff side.

The suggestion of the Staff Side was further discussed today the 09.09.2009, by two representatives each from the Staff Side and the official side. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri and Com. R. Venkataraman were from the Staff Side and GM (SR) and GM (Esst.) were from the management side. After prolonged discussions, it was agreed to place the following suggestion of the staff side for the consideration of the Management.



[09.09.2009]Wage Negotiation Meeting on 08.09.2009:– The meeting of the Wage Negotiation Committee was held on 8th September, 2009. All the staff side representatives were present.

The unions firmly insisted for five years agreement. The management reiterated their earlier position of ten years agreement, which was not at all acceptable to unions. After lengthy discussion, a suggestion is made that a clause can be included in the agreement to consider the issue of next wage revision after five years.

This issue will be further discussed on 09.09.2009 in a meeting consisting of two representatives of each from the management and the unions.

[09.09.2009]Casual labour wages:– The issue of fixation of casual labour wages was discussed with management. We wanted that the wages be calculated on the basis of the minimum of the wage of Regular Mazdoor. Management agreed to consider this favourably. The case is being perused by CHQ.

[09.09.2009]Recruitment of management trainees:- BSNLEU strongly opposes Violation of National Council agreement in the matter of recruitment of management trainees - request for immediate intervention <>

[09.09.2009]BSNLEU Circular No.15 dated 04.09.2009:- Mysore CEC Meeting <>


[09.09.2009]Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, will be out of Head Quarters from 10th to 12th September to attend the Circle Conference of Kolkata Telephones.


[04.09.2009]Circle Secretary & Circle Executive of BSNLEU, Corporate Office, New Delhi derecognised for anti-union activities including opposing and non-participation in the strike.

[04.09.2009]Support and solidarity to one day strike of LIC Employees on 16.09.2009<>

[04.09.2009] Meeting on Wage Revision Committee on 08.09.2009 <> M-9426201999

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