Friday, September 11, 2009


When will they stop this drama?
“CMD BSNL has been requested by NFTE to settle the wage revision and
BSNLEU should not be allowed to use it’s veto power.”
NFTE has made the above updating on their website on 05.09.2009.
Even when the British Imperialists were ruling our country, the great Tarapada
Mukherjee, Pioneer of the P&T trade union movement declared, “workers are
not beggars to accept what is given. What they want is not any
one’s mercy, but justice.” NFTE, which claims to have come on the
footpaths of Tarapada Mukherjee, seems to have totally forgotten what he had
As per their above updating, NFTE has requested the CMD to settle the wage
revision. This is nothing but asking the management to implement a 10 year wage
revision. Further, they have told the management not to allow BSNLEU to use it’s
veto power. Every one knows that BSNLEU is fighting for a 5 year agreement and
that is why management is not able to implement a 10 year agreement. According
to NFTE, this is using of veto power by BSNLEU. They do not want BSNLEU to use
it’s veto power against a 10 agreement being imposed by the management.
We really sympathise with NFTE. On side they say united struggles are required
for settlement of wage revision. On the other side they have joined hands with the
management and request them to impose a 10 year wage settlement on the
workers. When will they stop this drama?

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