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BSNLEU/102(CIRCULAR NO.15) 04th September, 2009
Dear Comrades,
The Central Executive Committee meeting held at Mysore on 27 – 29 August, 2009 was historical in
all aspects. The Reception Committee made excellent arrangements for holding the CEC, including
food and accommodation. Our heartful thanks to them.
The CEC was presided over by Com. J.N. Mishra, All India President and was inaugurated by Com.
Mohammed Amin, M.P., General Secretary, CITU in the morning of 27.08.2009, after flag hoisting
and homage to Martyrs. In his inaugural speech, Com. Mohammed Amin pointed out the antiworking
class policies being continued by the UPA government and the resistance of the working
class and sustained struggles. A national convention will be held at Delhi on 14th September to
chalk out further programmes.
The report on activities and accounts were presented by Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General
Secretary and Com. S.C. Bhattacharjee, Treasurer respectively which were adopted after
All the executive committee members participated in the discussion. The reports indicate that 70% -
80% workers participated in the strike. In many circles the strike was almost 100%. It is heartening
to note that more workers than the members of BSNLEU or United Forum participated in the strike.
Many NFTE, FNTO members either participated or availed leave. It was the unanimous opinion that
the strike was organized at the appropriate time. The anti-worker stand of the management came
up for severe criticism.
An open session was held on 29.08.2009 along with a seminar on “Development & Expansion of
BSNL”. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, P. Abhimanyu, Dy. General Secretary, Shri P.
Raghavan, CGM, Karnataka & other officers and union leaders participated.
The Committee after thorough discussion took the following decisions:
1. The Central Executive Committee decided to continue with sustained struggle to attain a
good wage agreement. If the issue is not settled within a reasonable time the following
programme will be organized, the details and dates etc. of which will be decided later.
a) March to SSA Head Quarters.
b) March to Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi.
c) Direct Action, including indefinite strike.
All out efforts to be made for a favourable settlement on wage revision at an early date. A
resolution on 19-20 August strike was adopted which is enclosed herewith:
2. The CEC decided to constitute a committee including experts on telecom issues to studThe CEC decided to constitute a committee including experts on telecom issues to study
and recommend an alternate telecom policy for the betterment of the people and also
telecom workers.
3. The committee decided to form “Save BSNL Forum” at all levels consisting of
representatives of BSNLEU, officers prominent citizens, peoples’ representatives, trade
unions and others to help and to intervene effectively to ensure growth and development of
4. The CHQ will organize another All India Trade Union Class at Hyderabad, the date of which
will be decided later.
5. BSNLEU will take initiative for forming a BSNL Pensioners Association so that the
Association can take up the issues of the BSNL Pensioners, which are different from that of
Govt. Pensioners in certain respects. For this purpose, an All India Convention is to be
6. The Committee decided to acquire a building for the CHQ at Delhi. A committee with Coms.
J.N. Mishra, President, V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, P. Abhimanyu, Dy. General
Secretary, S.C. Bhattacharjee, Treasurer, K.R. Yadav, Vice-President, R. Muralidharan Nair,
Asst. General Secretary, and R.S. Chauhan, Organising Secretary was formed to select and
take the necessary action for the same. It was also decided to collect donations from
members at the time of payment of arrears of wage revision.
7. The CEC decided to purchase a new car for union in addition to the existing old car for
better functioning of CHQ.
8. The CEC meeting directed the Central Secretariat to take suitable action to settle the
organization issues of Corporate Office Circle, New Delhi and to take necessary steps to
strengthen the organization.
9. The CEC felt that a committee be constituted to go into the details of organizational disputes
and advice the Central Secretariat. The Committee is constituted with Coms. Pabitra
Chakraborty (Convenor), former General Secretary, Administrative Union, P.V.
Chandrasekharan, former Circle Secretary, E-II, Kerala and R.S. Yadav former Circle
Secretary, E-III, Uttar Pradesh.
The Central Executive Committee meeting adopted a resolution expressing appreciation and thanks
to the Reception Committee.
The Mysore CEC meeting was historic with fruitful discussions and important decisions.
Yours Comradely,
General Secretary.

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