Friday, September 11, 2009 M-94262-01999
WagWage Revision – Where we stand?
Slanders, rumours and confusions are being spreaded in a systematic
manner by the management, NFTE and FNTO, to confuse the workers and
to malign BSNLEU and the United Forum. The accusation is that BSNLEU
is wantonly delaying the wage settlement. This is totally a malicious
propaganda. BSNLEU is trying hard for an early settlement. But, that
settlement should benefit the workers. It is very easy to sign a 10 year
agreement, as is being proposed by the management. But it will bring a
very big loss for the workers. That is why BSNLEU and the United Forum
are trying hard to settle a 5 year wage revision.
In the Wage Negotiation Committee meeting held on 08.09.2009, and in the
discussion held with the GM (SR) and GM (Estt.) on 09.09.2009, we had
made an attempt to break the dead-lock. He have suggested that a review
should be made after 31.12.2011 and a wage revision should be done
as per DPE and Govt. guidelines. Our proposal is being looked into by the
management. Even if this proposal is not accepted, then we will be left with
no other option, but to go on further actions.
We hope the glorious 48 hours strike would have sent an appropriate
message to the management, that the workers would not hesitate to go on
struggle if justice is denied to them. We want an early settlement. But we
want a fair settlement too. CHQ requests the Circle, District and Branch
Secretaries to keep the members informed that all possible measures are
being taken to clinch the wage settlement as early as possible.
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