Wednesday, August 12, 2009

63 rd Independance Day Special-inf. by Ashok hindocha M-9426201999
India completes 62 years of freedom from British rule on August 15, 2009. Perhaps, the greatest achievement of Independent India is the very survival of democracy and non-politicisation of defence forces. India has made significant strides on the economic front, with world leaders looking up to India for productive trade and business partnership. But perennial problems such as poverty, unemployment and population growth still elude a solution. On the occasion of 62nd anniversary of India's Independence, we take a look at the outstanding persons who contributed their might to building Brand India and its emergence as an economic power. Read on…

'Metro Man' who revolutionised mass transport

Ratan Tata: Icon of Indian entrepreneurship

Nation in the safe hands of Manmohan Singh

Vajpayee, the right man in the wrong party

Abdul Kalam: The genius who taught Indians to dream big

Vishwanathan Anand: The King of 64 Squares

Amitabh Bachchan: The `Big B’ang and after!

Ambanis decoded: Vision, growth & self belief

Deep Joshi, the Magsaysay Award winner


Students group threatens I-Day celebration boycott in J-K

LeT planning to target Delhi, Kolkata, H'bad

Celebrating freedom with flowers and fun in Bangalore

Mandira Bedi to lead India Day Parade in New Jersey

On I-Day, 'harassed husbands' to demand 'freedom'


Quit India Movement martyrs remembered

62nd I-Day: A musical tribute

Security beefed up ahead of Independence Day


700 species bloom at Garden City's I-Day flower show

India, Pakistan gear up for I-Day celebrations

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thank god for all of our freedom fighters of the past, present and the future. but for them we would still be groping in the dark. india as such is a nation of thinkers, philosophers and writers, science and technologically savvy. i consider these amongst freedom fighters too. sometimes it is easier to think that life is a theatre where we play our different roles. those who reach where they want to are usually those who act the best.
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Hard Target #2
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 00:06:39
It's highly ridiculous that we are boasting about the billionares India produces which are also the highest in Asia. In a country where thirty crore children are living in abject poverty and working as child labours. Nearly the same amount of the population are living in slums. These people have never got even the basic amenities in life proper food, water, healthcare. And the of the remaining population, 25 crore live in very poor conditions though they are above the poverty line. So it leaves us with just 15 to 20 crores who can be considered to be doing somewhat well than others.

Our media people seem illiterate when they boast of so called billionares. Although it's great that India is home to great business houses but the truth is that many Indian companies have become rich through scams and scandals and evasion of taxes etc. There are very few Indian companies which can be called inventors and innovators. Most of these companies are making money by using technology developed by countries like US, Japan and Europe. They have become rich just because of the buying power of Indian Middle Class. Yes, It doesn't mean that there are not good players, there are but not in large numbers. Indian companies are managed by so called LALLAS for whom making money by any means is the only aim rather than being leader through R&D and innovation. So stop being slave to such Industrialists.

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Hard Target #3
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 23:36:56
It's sad that we all are at extreme when it comes to blaming our politicians. But nobody has ever thought that the politicians are the products of the society. They are not the ones who have come from some different planet. They all have been brought up in the Indian environment.

So what's the conclusion? Is there something wrong the way we bring up our children. Honestly how many of us: do not indulge in corruption, do not give bribes to fulfill our motives, do not break traffic rules, do not throw litter on our roads, do our jobs in sincere and honest manner,

teach our kids moral values rather than running after money, teach our kids to see every human as equal(I am talking about Low Caste). We are ourselves the biggest hypocrites and politicians are just the reflection of our society. Just look inside yourself and everybody will get all the answers.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009 23:30:18
May be Dhirubhai could have been shown in place of Mukesh Ambani. While I am a fan of Dhirubhai, I think Sunil Mittal (Airtel promoter) deserves a place more than any of the Ambanis since his contribution has touched the life of nearly every Indian from the poor to the rich in a very short span of time. Mobile telephony is a success story that is hard to ignore for the sheer impact it has had on an average Indian's life style on a day to day basis.
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sikha #5
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 23:13:32
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It is tragic that MSN chose not to have the photos of Rajiv Gandhi, Dhirubhai Ambani, Sam Pitroda, etc.
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S B Chadha#9
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 06:21:20
India completes 62 years of freedom and most of the 1.2 billion citizens still are not aware how this country runs or who runs it. It is pity that our electoral system has not come up with politicians who have only national interests in their vision. The vision of most of the elected representatives is limited to either self interests or very petty local interests. Take the case of west Bengal, which was one of the more enlightened states in the country at the time of partition. However after over 25 years of communist rule, today it is one of most backward states with poverty and non - development being the major contribution of the state's political leaders. Next take the case of Bihar & UP - home to some of the most enlightened leaders in Indian history who were on the forefront of the freedom struggle. However, in last three to four decades the local elected leaders have ruined the states' economies beyond repair and by playing caste politics have ensured that these states will not see any development for decades to come. One can go on and on with such infamous achievements of our elected leaders. The other major shame that we need to address is the attitude, corruption and non performance of most of the governmental machinery across the country.

Unless these two fundamental issues - quality of our elected leaders and the accountability and sincerity of our governmental machinery - are resolved, the nation as a whole cannot hope for a bright future.

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