Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BSNL"s latest News by ashok hindocha

M-9426201999=Ashok hindocha[05.08.2009]Congratulations, Comrades of A&N Islands! :- Com. S.P. Kalairajan, Circle Secretary, A&N Islands informs that 40 new comrades have joined BSNLEU. Congratulations Comrade.

[05.08.2009]Meeting with Director (HRD):- Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, along with Com. Lalan Sah, Circle Secretary, SEWA BSNL, Corporate Office met Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) and discussed the following issues:

Recognition of SEWA BSNL
General Secretary demanded that SEWA BSNL, which has conducted All India Conference as per institutional requirements be granted recognition early. Director (HRD) stated he will examine all the documents and will decide.

Promotion of ST candidate from LDC to UDC in Corporate Office
General Secretary pointed out the injustice meted out by not promoting the ST official to UDC w.e.f. 2004 on the basic of reservation quota. All the relevant documents were presented. Director (HRD) desired that the matter be discussed with GM (Personnel).

[05.08.2009]Meeting with GM (Estt.):- Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU met Shri D.P.De, GM (Estt.) and discussed the following issues.

Promotion Policy
General Secretary, BSNLEU, wanted that orders on Promotional Policy be issued early. DDG (Estt.) assured that the process has started and will make all out efforts for early issue of orders.

Anomaly Committee
GM (Estt.) stated that the Joint Committee being appointed for finalizing the implementation orders will meet and discuss shortly for early issue of orders.

[05.08.2009]One increment granted to those BCR officials who did not get BCR 10% was not counted for pension. BSNLEU took up the case with DoT in the joint committee and demanded that pension should be given. Now DoT has agreed and orders have been issued granting pension for that increment. A very good achievement.

[05.08.2009]A letter to CMD, BSNL - Strengthening BSNL to serve better<>

[04.08.2009]Ignore Rumours:- After the utter defeat in the IV Verification, certain unions have become panicky. It has become a habit with them to spread rumours so that even if they cannot convince the workers, they can at least confuse them. It is the same strategy they used in the membership verification, but the workers ignored all those rumours and defeated them. This is what is going to happen again. Ignore those rumours with the contempt it deserve.

[04.08.2009]48 hours Strike on 19th and 20th August 2009:- The strike notice has been given on 31st July to the management. The BSNL workers are preparing for the strike. We have written to all non-executive unions to participate in the strike on the vital issues of the workers. We hope that they will consider our letter and join the mainstream.

The Wage Revision, Promotions, Anomaly, Casual /Contract labour wages, Issues of BSNL Pensioners etc. are the most important issues at present. It will be clearly seen now who stand with the workers issues and who support the management. Workers issues are more important than the union rivalries. In the coal sector all the workers stood together, fought and got 52% fitment benefit during the last 10 years from 1997. Don’t we want the higher fitment and five years agreement? Certainly we want.

All the demands raised by are genuine and we will have to fight for that. Let us be prepared for a very successful strike.

[03.08.2009]United Forum letter to all Non-Executives unions to join the Strike on 19-20 August'09 <>

[03.08.2009]Amendment in BSNL Recruitment Rules JTO(TF)-2001 <>

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