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[14.08.2009]Wage Negotiation Meeting on 13.08.2009:- Meeting on wage negotiation was held under the Chairmanship of Shri S.R. Kapoor, Executive Director (Finance), BSNL. Shri Ram Kumar, Executive Director (CN) and other officers were present.

All the Staff Side members of the wage negotiation committee were present.

As required by the new Chairman, the staff side presented their demands in detail. Management did not commit anything on the demands. Date of next meeting will be intimated by the management.

CHQ calls upon all workers to participate in the 19-20 August, 2009 strike to achieve our justified demands. <>

[14.08.2009]AIBSNLEA - SNEA Supports 19 - 20 August, 2009 Strike - Support Letter from United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations is reproduced here. Our thanks to United Forum of Executive Associations <>

[14.08.2009]NFTE’s Sthala Kala Vibhrama (Utter Confusion):- NFTE has become so desperate after its dismal defeat in the IV membership verification that it has lost all senses just like Duryodhana at the magnificent palace of Yudhishtira who could not identify land from water, north from south and so on and fell down in the pond.

NFTE’s report on our massive dharna in Corporate Office and all over India on 11.08.2009 is part of this Sthala Kala Vibhrama. We sympathise in their pathetic condition.

[14.08.2009]Good News - Pension order issued

Revised orders extending VI CPC benefits to BSNL retirees issued by DoT vide F.No.40-31/2008-Pen(T) dated 12.08.2009. When Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU had met Secretary, DoT and Member (Finance) last week, they had assured that the orders will be issued soon. Now it is issued. <>

[14.08.2009] BSNLEU Marches Ahead: -

(1) Com. Purushotham Gedam, Circle Secretary, reports that 55 NFTE members joined BSNLEU at Ratnagiri.

(2) Com. B.R. Bishnoi, District Secretary, Jodhpur intimates that 61 NFTE members joined BSNLEU at Jodhpur.

(3) 65 members from NFTE joined in our union in Karimnagar Dist. in Andhra Pradesh Circle, Reports Com. J. Sampath Rao, Circle Secretary.

CHQ Welcomes all new members to BSNLEU !

[11.08.2009]Wage Negotiation:- The next meeting of Wage Negotiation Committee will be held on 13th August, 2009.

[11.08.2009]One lakh BSNL Workers Observed Dharna - UF press Release dated on 11.08.2009 <>

[11.08.2009]Management agrees to reduce qualifying service for promotion to JTO from 10 to 7 years:- Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU along with Coms. P. Asokababu, AGS, K.R. Yadav, Vice-President and SNATTA leaders Coms. Dheeraj Chaudhary, Dharmendra Verma and Manish and discussed about reducing the qualifying service for JTO. Both CMD & Director (HRD) agreed to reduce the qualifying service from 10 years. The matter will be put to the Managing Committee for approval at the earliest.

08.08.2009]Pay Anomalies:- A committee was constituted on 07.08.2009 to examine the pay anomalies (aberrations) cases and submit its report with in a month, for implementation of the anomalies committee report. <>

[08.08.2009]Approval of Promotion Policy by DoT:- DoT authorises BSNL to deal with Promotion Policy vide its no.1-72-2009-SNG dated 20.07.2009 <>

[08.08.2009]Parliament Questions - raised by Com. Brinda Karat, MP and answers by Minister.

(1) On casual labour <>

(2) On Income - Expenditure - Profit of BSNL <>

[08.08.2009]Com. S.K. Soni, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Maundsaur (MP) has intimated that all the 11 members of NFTE-BSNL along with District Secretary, NFTE has joined BSNLEU.

Com. Naresh Pal, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Meerut, intimates that 81 members of NFTE BSNL has joined BSNLEU in Meerut.

Congratulations and welcome Comrades!

[08.08.2009]Casual & Contract Workers Federation Joins 19-20 August Strike <>

[07.08.2009]GS BSNLEU Meets Secretary, DOT:- Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU along with Coms. K.R.Yadav, Vice-President and P.Asokababu, AGS, met Shri Sidhartha Behura and discussed the following issues:

50% Merger of IDA to BSNL Retirees
Application of Govt. orders on Pension etc. for BSNL Pensioners.
Secretary, DOT agreed to consider the issues favourably.

BSNLEU DEMANDS WAIVAL OF LICENCE FEE, DIVIDENT, TAXES ETC. TO BE PAID TO GOVERNMENT:- Com. VAN Namboodiri, GS BSNLEU along with Coms. KR Yadav and P.Asokababu met Shri Sidhartha Behura, Secretary, DOT today, 7th August 2009 and demanded that, in view of the present deteriorating financial condition of BSNL, Government should waive the payment of Licence Fee, Dividend, Taxes etc. to be paid by BSNL for a period of at least three years to help the BSNL to improve its position.<>

PROMOTION POLICY:- GS BSNLEU met Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) and D.P.Dey , GM (Estt.) and discussed about the implementation of Promotion Policy. It was assured by the Director (HRD) that the orders will be issued soon.

Result of Examination for promotion to JTO – Draughtsmen: - The results will be announced by next week.

Standing Committee of National Council:- Next Meeting will be held on 12th August 2009 at 1430 hours.

[07.08.2009]Meeting with Member (Finance) on Pension issues

Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU met Shri R. Ashok, Member (Finance), DOT on 6th August and discussed the following issues:

(1) 50% IDA Merger for BSNL retired employees: - Com. Namboodiri pointed out the undue delay in granting 50% IDA merger to BSNL Pensioners, which has already been given to the Government pensioners (50% CDA) as also to the regular BSNL employees. After detailed discussion, Member (F) told that the file has come back from the Pension and Pensioners Welfare Dept. and the DOT is examining certain legal aspects. He agreed to process the issue as early as possible. GS BSNLEU once again pressed for an early settlement.

(2) Application of Pension related benefits to BSNL retirees as per Govt. Orders on VI CPC recommendations: - General Secretary, BSNLEU pointed out after issuing the orders, it has been kept in abeyance by another order. This may reissued without further delay. Member (F) agreed to issue the orders without further delay.

(3) Restoration of pension reduced due to calculation of 10 months average pay:- GS BSNLEU pointed out the loss caused due to the calculation of last 10 months average pay for the officials who retired immediately after the corporatisation. Member (Finance) stated that is being examined and an early decision will be taken.

[06.08.2009]Support & Solidarity to Bank Employees Strike:- BSNL Employees Union extends its full support and solidarity to the two days strike (6-7 August, 2009) of the Bank Employees under the platform of United Forum of Bank Unions for immediate Wage Revision with Pension etc. One after another all PSU employees are on war path on wage revision issue.

BSNL Employees under the leadership of United Forum will go on strike on 19th & 20th August. Make it a complete success.

[06.08.2009]Welcome Comrades! :- (1) Com. Yogesh Sharma, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Satna intimates that 11 members of NFTE/FNTO have joined BSNLEU from July, 2009. Congratulations to all of you, Comrades !

(2) Com. A. Surender Reddy, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Warangal have informed CHQ that 'impressed with our unions achievements, 122 officials inspired and joined BSNLEU during the month of July, 2009'. Welcome to BSNLEU to all of you.

[06.08.2009]Remembering the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: - August 6 – It is on this day 64 years earlier (in 1945) that the United States dropped the Atom Bomb on the city of Hiroshima in Japan, killing thousands of people and maiming for life more than that number. The entire city was burnt. Thousands of people are still suffering the radiation. After 3 days, on 9th August 1945 the US dropped another and more powerful bomb in Nagasaki with more destruction and loss of lives. Capitalism and Imperialism have no value for the human lives and will resort to any cruelty and atrocity.

Along with the crores of peace loving people in the world, we also pay homage to those who died and who are still suffering.

No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki

VAN Namboodiri, GS BSNLEU

[06.08.2009]JAO Part II Examination Notified:-BSNL has issued notification for conducting JAO Part II Examination on 30th November , 1st & 2nd December, 2009 <

[06.08.2009]Welcome Comrades! :- 53 Comrades have joined BSNLEU at Amreli(Gujarat) accepting the correct line and policy of BSNLEU, reports Com. V.N. Trivedi, District Secretary, Amreli (Gujarat).

[05.08.2009]Congratulations, Comrades of A&N Islands! :- Com. S.P. Kalairajan, Circle Secretary, A&N Islands informs that 40 new comrades have joined BSNLEU. Congratulations Comrade.

[05.08.2009]Meeting with GM (Estt.):- Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU met Shri D.P.De, GM (Estt.) and discussed the following issues.

Promotion Policy
General Secretary, BSNLEU, wanted that orders on Promotional Policy be issued early. DDG (Estt.) assured that the process has started and will make all out efforts for early issue of orders.

Anomaly Committee
GM (Estt.) stated that the Joint Committee being appointed for finalizing the implementation orders will meet and discuss shortly for early issue of orders.

[05.08.2009]One increment granted to those BCR officials who did not get BCR 10% was not counted for pension. BSNLEU took up the case with DoT in the joint committee and demanded that pension should be given. Now DoT has agreed and orders have been issued granting pension for that increment. A very good achievement.

[05.08.2009]A letter to CMD, BSNL - Strengthening BSNL to serve better<>

[04.08.2009]Ignore Rumours:- After the utter defeat in the IV Verification, certain unions have become panicky. It has become a habit with them to spread rumours so that even if they cannot convince the workers, they can at least confuse them. It is the same strategy they used in the membership verification, but the workers ignored all those rumours and defeated them. This is what is going to happen again. Ignore those rumours with the contempt it deserve.

[04.08.2009]48 hours Strike on 19th and 20th August 2009:- The strike notice has been given on 31st July to the management. The BSNL workers are preparing for the strike. We have written to all non-executive unions to participate in the strike on the vital issues of the workers. We hope that they will consider our letter and join the mainstream.

The Wage Revision, Promotions, Anomaly, Casual /Contract labour wages, Issues of BSNL Pensioners etc. are the most important issues at present. It will be clearly seen now who stand with the workers issues and who support the management. Workers issues are more important than the union rivalries. In the coal sector all the workers stood together, fought and got 52% fitment benefit during the last 10 years from 1997. Don’t we want the higher fitment and five years agreement? Certainly we want.

All the demands raised by are genuine and we will have to fight for that. Let us be prepared for a very successful strike.

[03.08.2009]United Forum letter to all Non-Executives unions to join the Strike on 19-20 August'09 <>

[03.08.2009]Amendment in BSNL Recruitment Rules JTO(TF)-2001 <>

[03.08.2009]Promotion Policy:- Promotion Policy received back from DoT to BSNL. BSNL management can take decision, Says DoT. General Secretary has demanded management for issue of orders early.

[03.08.2009]Massive Dharna on 11.08.2009:- Circle / SSA Secretaries are requested to organise the Dharna on 11.08.2009, a massive one. Approach all our alliance unions for maximum participation.

Circle Secretaries should send report SSA wise immediately after the dharna.

[03.08.2009]48 hours strike on 19-20 August'09 - poster <>

[31.07.2009]Hearty Congratulations & Thanks!

BSNLEU and United Forum congratulates and thanks all workers and leaders all over the country for the massive demonstrations held today (31.07.2009) as per the call of United Forum on the demands of Wage Revision, Promotion Policy, Anomaly etc.

The strike notice was served on the CMD BSNL after a successful demonstration in front of Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Delhi, which was addressed by Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU & Convenor United Forum, V. Subburaman, General Secretary, TEPU, Suresh Kumar, General Secretary, BSNL MS, B.R. Jakhatia, General Secretary, SEWA BSNL, Hari Singh, General Secretary, BTU BSNL, D.P. Patwa, Dy. General Secretary, AIBCTES and K.R. Yadav.


1.07.2009]United Forum demands - Holiday on Dr. Ambedkar Jayanthi - letter to Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT <>

[31.07.2009]United Forum meets Communications Minister

United Forum leaders led by Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Convenor, met Thiru A. Raja, Communication Minister on 30th July, 2009 and congratulated him on his second term as Communications Minister. The following issues were discussed:

1. Development and growth of BSNL:- Union leaders pointed out the declining position of market share of BSNL and the problems in tender process which resulted in lack of mobile lines for providing connections to public. Minister stated that necessary action is to be taken by management.

2. 50% IDA merger for retired BSNL employees:- Unions pointed out the injustice done to the Pensioners by not issuing orders granting 50% IDA merger to BSNL retired employees. They also pointed out about the need for extending the orders on benefits of Central Govt. Pensioners to BSNL Pensioners also. Minister agreed to do the needful in the matter.

3. Declaring 14th April, Birthday of Dr. Ambedkar, as Holiday:- The Minister agreed to take up the matter with government.

[31.07.2009]A letter to Hon'ble Minister for Communications and IT - Long pending issues of BSNL Pensioners <>

[30.07.2009]United Forum Circular dated 28.07.2009 - 48 hours strike on 19 - 20 August, 2009<>

[30.07.2009]National Council decisions - BSNLEU protests improper minutes <>

[30.07.2009]Minutes of the 21st meeting of the National Council held on 23rd June, 2009 under the chairmanship of Director (HR), BSNL Board <>

[30.07.2009]143 members desert NFTE and FNTO and join BSNLEU in Jharkhand

80 members have deserted NFTE & FNTO and have joined BSNLEU at Ranchi. Similarly, Com. Raj Narayan Singh Yadav, District President, NFTE-BSNL along with 63 members of NFTE & FNTO have joined BSNLEU at Jamshedpur. CHQ greets and welcomes the Comrades who have chosen the right path. CHQ also congratulates our leaders of Ranchi, Jamshedpur District Unions as well as Jharkhand Circle Union.

[30.07.2009]1946 P&T Strike :- CHQ BSNLEU remembers the valiant P&T Workers who went on Indefinite strike in July 1946 against the British Imperialism. Thousands of workers and common people organised rallies in Madras and Kolkatta in support of the strike. All the political parties supported and congratulated the P&T workers for their heroic strike action.

[29.07.2009]General Secretary, BSNLEU letter to Shri P. Perumal, GS, PEWA <>

[28.07.2009]United Forum decides to go on 48 hours strike<>

[27.07.2009]BSNL Sports & Cultural meeting held on 27.07.2009 has taken the following decisions:

Kit allowance increased from Rs.1500 to Rs.2000 for All India
Kit allowance increased from Rs.2000 to Rs.2500 for Nationals
Sanchar krida awards increased from Rs.10000 to Rs.15000
Upto silver medal in national, cash awards are allowed for coaches
[Report from Com. John Verghese, Member Sports & Cultural Board]

[27.07.2009]General Secretary meets CMD BSNL <>

[25.07.2009]Where BSNL Stands ! <>

[24.07.2009]United Forum Meets: - Meeting of United Forum of BSNL union will be held at 1500 hours on 27th July, 2009 in the National Council Room, Eastern Court. Room No.230.

[24.07.2009]BSNL Employees Union / Joint Forum strongly oppose IPO<>

[24.07.2009]Standing Committee of National Council formed <>

[24.07.2009]Central Executive Committee at Mysore:- CEC Meeting of BSNL Employees Union will be held at Mysore from 27th to 29th August. Coms. Mohd. Amin, General Secretary, CITU, Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD BSNL and Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) and other important personalities will address.

Com. C.K. Gundanna, Circle Secretary, Karnataka and Convenor, Reception Committee, Mysore with other Comrades are putting in best efforts for making all arrangements for the Central Executive Committee.

[24.07.2009]Meeting with GM (SR)<>

[24.07.2009]Members from NFTE-BSNL & NUBSNLW (FNTO) joined BSNLEU:- 41 members from NFTE-BSNL and NUBSNLW (FNTO) joined BSNLEU in CTO, New Delhi. We welcome these new members. CHQ congratulates Com. Munshi Lal, District Secretary, BSNLEU, CTO Branch and other leaders.

[24.07.2009]Welcome Comrades!:- As per report from Com. M.K. Alam, District Secretary, Surendranagar (Gujarat), 30 Comrades have left NFTE and FNTO and joined BSNLEU. Congratulations ! Welcome to BSNLEU.

[22.07.2009] Joint Forum press release dated 22.07.2009 <>

[22.07.2009]Wage Revision: General Secretary, BSNLEU met CMD, BSNL on 22.07.2009 and requested for appointment of Chairman, Wage Negotiation Committee and demanded early settlement on pay revision. Shri S.R. Kapoor, Executive Director (Finance), is appointed as Chairman, Wage Negotiation Committee.

[22.07.2009] BSNL will be listed and 10% shares will be sold - says Secretary, DoT <>

[21.07.2009] General Secretary, BSNLEU meets Director (HRD) >

[21.07.2009] Welcome to BSNLEU:- Entire membership coming to about 125 of NFTE joined BSNLEU in CGMT office Patna under the leadership of Com. Randhir Singh Yadav, District Secretary, as per report from Com. B.P. Singh, Circle Secretary, Bihar.

Another 50 members from NFTE and FNTO have joined BSNLEU in Muzaffarpur District, Bihar.

We welcome all to BSNLEU and congratulate Com. B.P. Singh, Circle Secretary and other leaders of Bihar.

[21.07.2009] Director (HRD) replies to BSNLEU regarding complaints on GM (SR) - Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) DO. No. BSNL/39-1/SR/2009 dated 8th June, 2009 <>

[21.07.2009] Joint Forum Letter to CMD, BSNL - Discussion of CMD with Joint Forum Unions on 16th July 2009 – strong protest against the wrong and mischievous minutes issued <> <>

[21.07.2009] CENTRAL TRADE UNIONS OPPOSE DISINVESTMENT: - All Central Trade Unions, including INTUC, have strongly opposed the disinvestment programmes of the Central Government. A Joint Statement has been issued signed by AITUC, CITU, HMS, INTUC, AICCTU etc. opposing the anti-worker policy of the Government like price rise, job losses, disinvestment, violation of basic labour laws etc.

A National Convention will be held in New Delhi on the 14th September 2009 to chalk out common future programmes. BSNLEU welcomes this new development. See Joint Statement <>

[21.07.2009]REMEMBERING TOLPUDDLE MARTYRS: - July 18th 2009 is the 175th anniversary of the trial and deportation of the Tolpuddle Martyrs from England to Australia by the British Government in 1834. The six Tolpuddle Martyrs - George and James Loveless, Thomas and John Standfield, James Brine and James Hammet - are considered as the founders of the trade union movement. They were agricultural workers who revolted against the government's repression.

We pay homage to these great heroes who have opened anew path of revolt and struggle against repression and tyranny.

V.A.N.Namboodiri, General Secretary

[21.07.2009] Joint Forum press release - BSNL Workers observe Anti-Disinvestment Day on 22nd July, 2009 <>

[20.07.2009]Defeat the conspiracy of the management and its agents <> >

[18.07.2009] 40th Anniversary Banks Nationalisation :- 40 year back 19th July 1969 14 Indian Private Banks nationalised which were suffering loss also lack of accountability and satisfactory service. They include Indian Bank, Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, Syndicate Bank etc. All these Banks are strong and efficient and has contributed much to the wealth of the Nation. They saved the country to a high extent as bulwarks against the drastic global recession.

The present Government is trying to destabilize these PSUs by disinvestment, merger etc. We convey our greetings on the 40th Anniversary of Nationalisation and fully supports their struggle against Disinvestment and privatisation.

[18.07.2009] IDA increased by 2.7% - Orders issued by BSNL on 16.07.2009 increasing IDA by 2.7% w.e.f. July 2009. <>

[17.07.2009] Anti-Disinvestment Day on 22nd July, 2009 - Telegram to be sent to Prime Minister & Communications Minister <>

[17.07.2009] Why United Forum demands 5 year settlement?<>

[17.07.2009] Beware of mispropaganda on Wage Revision by certain unions <>

[17.07.2009] CMD Meets Joint Forum on 16.07.2009 <>

[17.07.2009] Promotion Policy:- Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri met Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) and demanded that since DoT has already approved the Promotion Policy, orders be issued with out further delay. Director (HRD) stated that the file has not reached him but he will take necessary action as early as possible.

Joint Forum Meets:- A meeting of Joint Forum of BSNL Association / Union of Executives and Non-Executives was held on 16.07.2009 at National Council staff side room under the chairmanship of Com. V. Subburaman, General Secretary, TEPU. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Convenor, Joint Forum, reported about the action taken on the decisions of the last meeting. The meeting decided to organize the “Anti-Disinvestment Day” on 22.07.2009 in a very effective manner.

The Joint Forum met again after meeting the CMD BSNL. It reiterated its decision to implement the “Anti Disinvestment Day” with maximum participation.

NFTE will join Programme on 22.07.2009:- NFTE in its website has published its decision to participate in the “Anti-Disinvestment Day” programme called by CPSTU. Joint Forum will only be happy to organize the same jointly.

[17.07.2009] Simple Commonsense, Comrade

Promotion Policy – NFTE Comments : - NFTE in its website has commented that while in the website of BSNLEU it is stated that the Promotion Policy is approved by DoT but in Telecrusader July, 2009 it is stated that General Secretary met Secretary, DoT and demanded for approval of Promotion Policy.

It is simple commonsense, Comrade. The website information is latest while the Telecrusader information is earlier one. The website news was dated 02.07.2009, while the Telecrusader was given for printing on 30.06.2009. NFTE certainly should understand these simple things as they also are publishing journals and have got website.

[16.07.2009] Who are the Agents of Management?

A perusal of the following will clearly reveal who are the agents of management.

1. Who agreed for Ban on creation of posts in 1984/85? - NFTE – FNTO

2. Who agreed to reduce 1,50,000 vacancies in the name of restructure of cadres? - NFTE – FNTO

3. Who agreed to surrender supervisory posts for getting BCR Promotion? – NFTE – FNTO

4. Who surrendered FR 22(i)(a)(i) in 1999 for promotions? - NFTE – FNTO

5. Who agreed for corporatisation which has resulted in many difficulties for workers? - NFTE – FNTO

6. Who agreed for VRS for 50,000 BSNL Workers in National Council? - NFTE – FNTO

7. Who gave such memorandum to V CPC which resulted in reduced pay scales for Telecom Cadres compared to Postal & other CGES? - NFTE – FNTO

8. Who demanded Rs.1000/- extra only to BSNL Workers on Conversion from DoT to BSNL? - NFTE-FNTO

9. Who are now getting signatures from employees for accepting whatever is offered by management, even when it is less than justified? - NFTE – FNTO

After BSNLEU got recognition, the VRS was got dropped. FR 22(i)(a)(i) has been restored in New Promotion Policy. Promotion Policy has been signed reducing the decades old discrimination between executives and non-executives.

The workers understand all these. And that is why despite the fact that NFTE & FNTO which both together got about 1,45,000 votes in the first verification have been reduced to 95,000 in the IV Verification and BSNLEU which got 90,000 in the first verification got 1,24,000 in the IV Verification defeating the formers alliance by more than 28,000 votes.

[16.07.2009]Is NFTE conveniently forgetting or purposely hiding facts? <>

[15.07.2009] HOW FUNNY ! :- FNTO has put in its website a form asking workers to sign and submit it to management with regard to wage revision. In the letter it is stated that “Kindly award pay scales as recommended by second pay review committee.”

Second Pay Review Committee was appointed to recommend wage revision for executives only and it had no connection with the pay revision non-executives and not recommended any pay scales for non-executives. But interestingly FNTO is asking the workers to request the management to award pay scales recommended by the Committee !

Funny Indeed !

[15.07.2009]Due to Mismanagement

BSNL had to pay Rs.1000 crore as extra interest - CAG Report

In what highlights mismanagement in government-run companies, BSNL failed to return a government loan of Rs. 7,500 crore when it had a disposable reserve of more than Rs. 18,000 crore. This resulted in the company paying an interest of over Rs. 1,000 crore.

The country's biggest telecom company parked its surplus funds in banks to earn an interest of 6% - 7% when it was already paying interest of 14.5% for the loan.

"BSNL failed to return government loan of Rs. 7,500 crore inspite of having adequate cash reserves of Rs. 18,829 crore as of March 2005 parked in bank deposits with average rate of return of 6.19% to 7.38% per annum against the rate of interest of 14.50% for the loan," a CAG report on BSNL tabled in Parliament on Monday said.

"This imprudent financial management resulted in excess expenditure of Rs. 1,089 crore on interest payment,” it added. [Source: The Times of India, dated 14.07.2009]

[15.07.2009]BSNL, MTNL lose Rs 1,547 cr due to financial disorder

– CAG Report

Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has informed the Parliament on Monday that BSNL and MTNL lost Rs. 1,547.47 crore due to careless financial management and wasteful expenditure during the last financial year. CAG has alleged that BSNL has lost Rs.355.66 crore in loss or non-recovery or non-short billing. The report also brought out alleged financial mismanagement, wasteful expenditure and excess payment aggregating Rs.1,164.38 crore by BSNL. [Source: The Economic Times, dated 14.07.2009]

[11.07.2009]FNTO’s Mudslinging’s and our reply <>

[11.07.2009]Joint Forum letter to NFTE/FNTO/BSNLWRU etc. requesting participation in Anti-Disinvestment Day on 22nd July, 2009<>

[10.07.2009] Meeting with Director (HRD) on 10.07.2009 <>

[10.07.2009] Joint Forum Press released dated on 10.07.2009 <>

[10.07.2009]DoT issues orders to keep in abeyance the applicability of revised rules & regulations consequent to the 6th CPC to the Govt. employees absorbed in BSNL <>

[10.07.2009]Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions (Dept. of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare) replies to BSNLEU - letter on 50% merger of IDA & other demands of Pensioners <>

[10.07.2009] Joint Forum calls for demonstration on 22nd July, 2009, against IPO in BSNL <>

[10.07.2009] Utter Confusion ! They don’t know what they demand:- It is observed at FNTO (CHQ) website that they demanded to BSNL Management: “IDA Pay Scales of the non-executives w.e.f. 01.01.2007 in the same line and fixation formula adopted for executives without any periodicity.”

This actually means (apart from periodicity), they don’t want benefit of merger of 50% IDA, which has already been approved by DPE but not yet implemented for BSNL executives. Moreover, they want that non-executives pay scales be constructed in relation to present E-1 minimum pay of Rs.16,400/-, since proposed E-1 A pay scale has not yet been granted.


In their memorandum supposed to be signed by employees, they demanded: “Kindly award pay scales as recommended by Second Pay Review Committee.”

What a joke indeed !

2nd Pay Review Committee was for executives and its recommendations confined to executives only. No pay scale for non-executives recommended by 2nd Pay Review Committee.


[10.07.2009]Kerala circle convention against Disinvestment & Privatisation

A circle level convention attended by a large number of workers was held at Bank Employees Union Hall, Thiruvananthapuram on 8th July, 2009. Com. A.V. Kuriakose, Circle President, BSNLEU presided. Com. T. Sivadasa Menon, former Minister, Kerala State, and CITU leader inaugurated the convention. He called upon the workers to be prepared for sustained struggle against the onslaughts on the working-class including disinvestment and privatization. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary in his speech emphasized the need for united struggles to save BSNL from IPO and disinvestment. Coms. J.N. Mishra, All India President, BSNLEU, R. Muralidharan Nair, AGS and K. Mohanan, Circle Secretary also addressed the meeting.

[10.07.2009]Trade Union Class at Trivandrum: - Three Days Trade Union Class was organized by BSNLEU for its All India office-bearers, Circle Secretaries and Senior leaders at EMS Academy, Thiruvananthapuram from 6th to 8th July, 2009.

The classes were taken by Com. M.K. Pandhe, President, CITU, Dr. Prabhat Patnaik, Vice-Chairman, Planning Commission, Kerala, Com. Prabir Purkayastha, Delhi Science Forum, Com. Prasanna Kumar, State Secretary, CITU, Karnataka and Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU. The subjects included Global Recession and its impact on Indian economy, The present telecom scenario, Public Sector & challenges and Organization & tasks.

The classes were appreciated by all participants. Such classes will be organized at Circle / District levels also. The Reception Committee headed by Coms. K. Mohanan, Circle Secretary, Kerala and R. Muralidharan Nair, AGS, CHQ made all arrangements for comfortable accommodation and food. Our heartfelt thanks to them. <>

[10.07.2009]Com. Om Vyas No more: - Com. Om Vyas, renowned poet and BSNLEU leader of Ujjain breathed his last at Appollo Hospital, Delhi. He was brought to the hospital after a car accident. Three other poets who were in the car had died on the spot. Com. Vyas was very active in the union and had held many important posts in the union. Earlier CHQ had intervened to undo his victimization by the local administration.

We express our deep shock and convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

[06.07.2009]Observe 22nd July, 2009 as Anti-Disinvestment Day <> <>

[02.07.2009]Good News - Promotion Policy approved by DoT:- Promotion Policy for BSNL Non-executives cleared by Secretary, DoT. BSNLEU CHQ is meeting management for immediate implementation of the same. VAN Namboodiri, GS.

[02.07.2009]Defeat the Disruption:- Certain unions in collaboration with management are circulating a copy of representation to be sent to CMD BSNL declaring willingness to accept what has been offered by management on wage revision. This is nothing but a trap against the interests of the BSNL Workers for getting a better wage revision like in other major PSUs.

Earlier, a similar representation accepting managements offer of interim advance (4 months) floated by these unions were completely defeated by the workers. United Forum through a strike agreement got 6 months advance and new HRA rates for workers.

Now again, the present nefarious move has also to be defeated. Mir Jafars and Jayachandras can not allowed to cheat the workers.

[02.07.2009]All India Trade Union Class:- All India Trade Union Class will be organized by BSNLEU at EMS Academy at Thiruvananthapuram from 6th to 8th July, 2009. Com. M.K. Pandhe, President, CITU, Dr. Prabhat Patnaik, Dy. Chairman, Plg. Commission, Kerala, Com. Prabir Purkayashta, Delhi Science Forum, Com. Prasanna Kumar, General Secretary, CITU, Karnataka and Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU will take the classes. In addition to Central Executive Committee members, each circle can depute two more comrades to the class. Circle Secretaries are requested to intimate their arrival, return journey etc. to Com. K. Mohanan, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Kerala Mob: 94470 75858 or Com. R. Muralidharan Nair, Asst. General Secretary, CHQ, Mob: 094470 06262.

GS, BSNLEU Meets CMD, BSNL:- Coms.V.A.N.Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU and M.S.Kadian, Circle Secretary, Haryana Circle met Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL and discussed the following:

Promotion Policy: General Secretary pointed out that the file is pending with Secretary, DoT and requested CMD,BSNL to ensure early approval by DoT and implementation. CMD assured to do the needful early.

Wage Revision: General Secretary requested CMD that Director (HRD) be appointed as the Chairman of the Wage negotiation committee in place of Shri R.K.Batra, PGM (IR) who retired on 30-06-2009. CMD agreed to examine the proposal in consultation with Director (HRD).

GS met GM (Estt.) and discussed the following: (1) Prequalifying examination for TMs for promotion to TTA. (2) Grant of HRA at 10 % to the dependent areas of Gurgaon . GM agreed to take necessary action in the matter.

Latest news <>

Extended Meeting of CPSTU was held at Kochi on 27th June, 2009 to discuss about Wage Revision in PSUs, struggle against disinvestment etc. Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, R. Muralidharan Nair, AGS, A.V. Kuriakose, Circle President, K. Mohanan, Circle Secretary, K. Padmanabhan, N. Ramesan, Circle Org. Secretaries, P.S. Peethambaran, District Secretary, Ernakulam and Honey Kumar, Branch Secretary participated.

See the declarations adopted by the convention and the letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister signed by Central Trade Union Centres. <>

TUI Congress at Brazilia, Brazil: - Com. P. Abhimanyu, Dy. General Secretary, BSNLEU will be attending International Congress of the Trade Union International of Public & Allied Employees, being held on 28th and 29th June, 2009 at Brazilia, Brazil as the delegate from BSNL Employees union. He leaves for Brazilia on 27th June, 2009 and will return on 6th July, 2009.

Examination for promotion to TTA and TM being notified: - Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU met Shri D.P. De, GM (Estt.) on 24.06.2009 and discussed about the holding of examination for promotion to TTA and TM as assured in National Council Meeting. GM (Estt.) stated that the notifications for the above two examinations will be issued shortly.

[16.06.2009]Meeting with GM (Estt.) BSNL CO: - Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, Com. K.R. Yadav, Vice President, Com. P. Asokababu, AGS, and Com. Swapan Chakraborty, AGS, BSNLEU met Shri D.P. De, GM (Estt.), BSNL CO today (16.06.2009) and discussed the issues related to compassionate appointments and casual labour. The GM (Estt.) stated the following:-

Compassionate appointment cases are being settled as per priority, based on date of death of the expired official. Settlement of compassionate appointment cases will be expedited.

On our demand for payment of advance for TSMs pending their wage revision, a proposal was put up for the consideration of the management.

Revision of casual labour wages on CDA pattern is under consideration.

On the demand of the union for regularization of casual labour management appointed a committee to examine the same.

[11.06.2009]Promotion Policy and DA merger for retirees: -Com. P. Asokababu, AGS and Com. K.R. Yadav, Vice President, BSNLEU met the DDG (Estt.), DoT, Shri A.K. Das today (11.06.2009) and discussed the above issues, and the following is the position:-

(1) Promotion policy is under active consideration and DoT’s approval is likely to be given early.

(2) After DPE’s objection regarding DA merger for retirees (for those retired before 01.01.2007), the DoT’s legal call was consulted and now the case is being processed for forwarding to Department of Pension for its approval.

[10.06.2009]Committee on Change of Designations met on 09.06.2009:- Committee to recommend changes of Designation met yesterday. The Staff Side suggested new designation for certain cadres. Next meeting is fixed for 16.06.2009. Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri, P. Abhimanyu and other committee members attended from staff side.

[09.06.2009] Meeting with CMD: - Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU met Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD BSNL, on 8th June 2009 and discussed the following issues.

Expediting Tender for 63 million GSM lines.
Introduction of Vehicle Policy.
Implementation of Maternity Leave, Child Care Leave etc. in BSNL. For Details <>
Wage Negotiation meeting on 05.06.2009:- In the meeting of the Wage Negotiation Committee held on 05.06.2009, the management side informed that the issue of 5 year periodicity for wage agreement was referred to DoT on 03.06.2009 for its approval. The union pressed the management to agree for fitment benefit on par with top executives, on Pay+78.2% of pay instead of Pay+68.8% of pay. The Management Side said that for BSNL executives, the issue of granting fitment benefit on Pay+78.2% of pay was not yet decided by the management. Union said that in several PSUs this was already accepted and implemented for the executives. Management agreed to examine. Discussion took place on the demands like increment at the rate of 5% on basic pay, Grant of two increments for pay fixation on promotion, perks and allowances on par with executives and pension scheme for BSNL recruitees. The discussion was inconclusive.

Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, Com. P. Asokababu, AGS, and Com. K.R. Yadav, Vice President, represented the BSNLEU. Next meeting of the committee is likely to be held in next week.

[02.06.2009] Wage Revision discussions to resume:- The Staff Side walked out from the meeting of the Wage Revision Committee on 22nd April, 2009, due to the negative attitude adopted by the Management, on the question of Interim Relief and implementation of the New HRA Rates. However, a settlement is reached between the United Forum and the management on 18.05.2009, in the back drop of the two day's strike notice issued by the United Forum. Consequent upon this settlement, management has fixed date for holding the meeting of the Wage Revision Committee on 5th June, 2009.

[02.06.2009] Meeting of the Steering Committee of the United Forum:- A meeting of the Steering Committee of the United Forum is held in the National Council Office, on 2nd June, 2009. Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri, GS, P. Abhimanyu, Dy. GS and Swapan Chakraborthy, AGS represented BSNLEU. Com. V. Subburaman, GS, TEPU, Com. N.D. Ram, National President SEWA BSNL, Com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS, Com. Hakkam Singh (SNATTA) participated. Based on the inputs given by the management, detailed discussion took place on the change of designation of No-Executives. It was decided that one more round of discussion in the Steering Committee will take place on 8th June, 2009, before discussion with the Management.

[02.06.2009] Meeting of the Joint Committee for change of designations of Non-Executives:- The first meeting of the Joint Committee for change of designations of Non-Executives took place on 01.06.2009 at 1100 hrs. Staff Side is represented by Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, GS, BSNLEU, Com. P. Abhimanyu, Dy. GS, BSNLEU, Com. V. Subburaman, GS, TEPU and Com. Hakkam Singh (SNATTA). The official side is represented by Shri Deepak Aggarwal (DGM Restg.) and Shri P.K. Mishra (DGM, Estt.). Informations relating to the various cadres existing is BSNL and their respective strength were handed over to the Staff Side. A preliminary discussion took place on the basics of the change of designation. It is decided that the committee shall meet again on 8th June, 2009. The last date for submission of the committee's report is fixed as 15th June, 2009.


[01.06.2009] Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, GS, BSNLEU discussed the following issues with DoT Officers

1). 50% IDA Merger for BSNL retirees: - As per legal cell (DoT) advise, the matter is referred to DoP&W, Govt. of India. CHQ is perusing the case. 2). Promotion Policy for Non-executives: - The matter is being examined by DoT. General Secretary, BSNLEU demanded for early approval.

[15.05.09] Revised Pension Rules as per VI CPC for BSNL Retirees issued:- As assured by Shri R. Ashok, Member (Finance) to Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU, orders have now been issued on 14.05.2009 by DoT raising DCRG limit from Rs. 3.5 to Rs. 10 lakhs and allowing revised Pension rules regarding Commutation table, emoluments, qualifying service etc. as per VI CPC recommendations.

[01.05.09] ONE HOUR WALK OUT ON 04.05.2009 : - BSNL management has arbitrarily issued order on 30.04.2009, granting very meager amount of Interim Relief, equivalent to 4 months basic pay. CHQ BSNLEU condemns the decision of the management, granting paltry amount as IR, as well the arbitrary manner in which the order is issued.

United Forum of BSNL unions has given call to BSNL employees to walk out from duty/office, for one hour on Monday the 4th May 2009. Mobilise the workers to give a fitting reply to the BSNL management’s high handedness.

[30.04.09]What is our demand on Interim Relief ?

Interim Relief is usually granted when the due wage revision is delayed. For Central Public Sector employees, wage revision is due w.e.f. 01-01-2007. Already, more than 27 months have elapsed. Management should have offered IR when there has been such long delay. Most of the other PSUs have granted either interim relief or pay advance much earlier. Even after BSNLEU/United Forum of BSNL Unions demanded interim relief, the management did not take any decision. The demand of the UF is that Interim Relief of 50% of pay or Rs. 3000/- whichever is more be paid. If it is pay advance, Rs. 50,000/- to Rs.80,000/- be paid. This is similar to what is paid in the other PSUs.

The management first offered two months basic pay as advance. This will come to Rs.8,000/- at the lowest level. After much discussion in the meeting on 29-04-09, CMD offered 4 months basic pay ie. Rs. 16,000/- at the lowest level. We could not accept such very meagre advance. The workers are eligible for increase for the last 27 months since 01-01-07.Even if an advance of Rs. 1000/- p.m. is calculated, then it will come to Rs. 27,000/.It is pertinent to note here that in the conversion from CDA to IDA in 2000, all officials got more than Rs.1500/- p.m. But the management is not prepared to see reason and comparison with other PSUs and concede our demands.

United Forum is not adamant that whatever it demanded should be fully accepted. But there is always a bench mark below which it is impossible to agree.

When even the lowest executive is being paid Rs. one lakh as arrears (40% already paid and 60% being paid in 2008-09), leave alone the top executives who are being paid arrears of about 6 lakhs or so, why the non-executives can not be paid even half of it? Can we accept such meagre offer? Certainly not.

Let us seriously prepare for the two days strike on 19-20th May 2009. Meet each and every worker and explain our demands and the management's negative response.


[20.06.2009]A brief report on the deliberations of the Committee for Review of the Medical Policy - Telemessage July'09<>
[16.06.2009]Don't misread the mandate - Telemessage Editorial <>
[10.06.2009]Meeting with Director (HRD) on 09.06.2009 <>
14.05.09] Prepare for successful strike on 19th and 20th May 2009.<>
[11.05.09] Pension Issues - GS meets Member (Finance) <>
[06.05.09] Benefits of Internal candidates selected against DR-JTO Quota <>
[30.04.09] How Management can refuse new HRA <>
[18.04.09] NFTE's lame defence - ignorance, confusion or concocted lies? <>
CEC Call - Prepare for Struggle <>
Observe BSNLEU Day on 22nd March, 2009 <>
After CHQ taking up the cases of HRA to be sanctioned for eligible stations both with BSNL and DoT, the following orders are now issued <>
Organisational Tours <>
NFTE – FNTO AGREED TO IPO AND VRS? (Continuous..) <>
CEC meeting of BSNL Employees Union to be held at New Delhi on 05-06 March, 2009 <>
More than 10,000 BSNL Workers,Casual/Contract Workers participate in the victory Rally at Kolkata. <> <>
Meeting with DoT on 24.02.2009<>
Meeting with GM (Estt.) on 18.02.2009<>
Meeting with CMD, BSNL - (09.02.2009) <>
Meeting with Director (HRD), BSNL - (09.02.2009) <>


BSNLEU Circular No. 11 dated on 01.07.2009 <>
BSNLEU Circular No. 10 dated on 10.06.2009 <>
BSNLEU Circular No. 08. dated 04.05.2009 <>
BSNLEU Circular No. 07 dated 01.05.2009 <>
BSNLEU Circular No. 05 dated on 10.03.2009 <>
BSNLEU Circular No.04 dated on 14.02.2009 <> <>
BSNLEU Circular No. 03 dated on 03.02.2009 <>
BSNLEU Circular No. 02 dated on 28.01.2009 <>
BSNLEU Circular No. 01 dated on 27.01.2009 <>


Joint Forum press release dated on 09.06.2009 - BSNL Workers oppose IPO/Disinvestment <>

Press Release dated 04-05-2009 - MASSIVE HUNGER STRIKE & WALK-OUT BY BSNL WORKERS <>
Press Release dated on 01.05.2009 BSNL Workers organise one hour protest walk-out on 4th May 2009 <>

Press Release dated on 24.04.2009 - BSNL Employees observed mass-fast on duty on 24th April throughout the country <>

Press Release dated on 23.04.2009 - Strike by BSNL Workers <>
Press Release dated on 05.03.2009 - Central Executive Committee of BSNL Employees Union holds its meeting in New Delhi <> <>

Press Release dated 27.02.2009 on Nationwide demonstration of BSNL Employees urging immediate wage revision <>

Press Release dated 26.02.2009 on BSNL Employees to Observe Protest Day on 27.02.2009 demanding immediate Wage Revision <>
Press Release dated 24.02.2009 on observance of Black Day <>
PRESS RELEASE ON F.D.I. HIKE (Dated 13.02.2009) <>
United Forum press release dated on 05.12.2008<>
United Forum press release dated on 04.12.2008<>


[24.06.2009]A note on the discussions / decisions of the National Council meeting, held on 23.06.2009<>
[16.06.2009]8th Meeting of BSNL Staff Welfare Board - Regarding decision taken <>

[27.05.2009] Items for discussion in the 21st meeting of the National Council <>
Items for discussion in the 20th meeting of the National Council <>
Items for discussion the National Council meeting, to be held on 2nd September, 2008 <>
Minutes of the 18th National Council Meeting
Minutes of the 17th National Council Meeting
Draft Non-Executive Promotion Policy given by the Management & Our reply
Transfer Policy - Important Modifications accepted by Management after discussion
BSNL Employees Transfer Policy - Modifications & Suggestions


[20.06.2009]Wage negotiation of non-executive employees in BSNL - Minutes of the meeting held on 05.06.2009 <>
[02.05.09] Minutes of the meeting of Wage Revision Committee held on 22.04.2009 <>
[28.04.09]Workers will isolate those who support management offer on wage revision <> <>

Wage Negotiation Dated 15-04-09 <>
[15.04.2009] PAMPHLET ON WAGE REVISION: Circle/ District/ Branch Secretaries are requested to translate it in local languages and give wide publicity among all employees to prepare for struggle to achieve a better Wage Revision.<> <>

A brief note on wage revision talks held on 08.04.2009<>
A letter to CMD BSNL - Wage Revision for Non-Executive Employees in BSNL <>
A letter to PGM (IR) BSNL - Wage Revision for BSNL non-executives - Periodicity and fitment formula <>
Minutes of the meeting of Wage Revision Committee held on 01.04.2009 <>
Note on Wage Negotiation <> <>
Minutes of the meeting of Wage Revision Committee held on 30.03.2009<>
Only Recognised Union can negotiate with management on Interim Relief. BSNL informs NFTE, FNTO<>

A letter to Director (HRD) - Immediate payment of Interim Relief to Non-executives<>
Minutes of the 2nd exploratory meeting on Wage Revision for Non-executive Employees in BSNL held on 15th December, 2008<>

Memorandum on Wage Revision presented to CMD, BSNL by United Forum on 07.08.2008.<>

[16.05.09] BSNL Casual & Contract Workers Federation issues Strike Notice for 19-20th May along with United Forum. <>
BSNL Casual & Contract Workers' Federation [Circular No.3]
BSNL Casual & Contract Workers' Federation [Circular No.2]
BSNL Casual & Contract Workers' Federation [Circular No.1)
BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation formed
Memorandum submitted to the Chairman, Parliamentary Standing committee on Labour by BSNLEU.
BSNL Management on the move


[24.06.2009]A letter to Secretary, Department of Pension & Pensioner's Welfare - Merger of 50% IDA for the BSNL absorbed employees retired before 1-1-2007 <>

[24.06.2009]A letter to Secretary, Department of Pension & Pensioner's Welfare - Pensionary benefits to the DoT officials absorbed in BSNL, but retired within ten months after formation of BSNL <>

[16.06.2009]A letter to CMD - Absorption of ITS Officers <>
[16.06.2009]A letter to GM (Estt.) - Revision of wages of Casual Labour <>
[08.06.2009] A letter to CMD - Tenders for GSM lines and Wi-max <>
[04.06.2009] A letter to Director (HRD) - Relaxation in qualification marks for the LDCE for TTA exam held in 2006 and supplementary examination there after, as granted in the case of direct recruitment examination for TTA, 2008.<>

[02.06.2009] Enhancement of the quantum of Maternity Leave and introduction of Child Care Leave in BSNL - Letter to Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD). <>

[29.05.2009] Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, GS, BSNLEU, Meets Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL <>
[27.05.2009] CHQ has demanded CMD BSNL to immediately stop implementation of HRA-CCA revision for non-executives in A1 cities, so that there is no reduction of wage due to CCA dispensation. <>

[27.05.2009] CHQ BSNLEU has demanded meeting of the Wage Negotiation Committee immediately for discussion on wage revision. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, GS, met Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) on 27.05.2009 in this respect. Director (HRD) agreed to hold the meeting early. <>

[25.05.2009] Union demands Payment of 4 + 2 months basic pay as Interest Free Salary Advance to TSMs - A letter to GM (Estt.), BSNL <>

[21.05.2009] HRA -CCA for Non - Executive of BSNL posted in A -1 Cities Protection reg. - Letter to Shri D.P. Dey, GM (Estt), BSNL Co dated 21-05-2009 <>

[02.05.09]Notice for agitation - Protest action against the meagre quantum of interim Relief. <>
[11.05.09] BSNLEU Protests Disinvestment/Privatization of BSNL- Letter to CMD,BSNL <>
[09.05.09] Alleged huge loss to BSNL in Wimax Franchise - A letter to Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, BSNL <>

[05.05.09] Letter to All General Secretaries of Registered unions of BSNL, appealing for Joint action <>

[05.05.09]Letter to Com. N.T. Sajwani, SG, NFTE on Joint struggle <>
[23.04.09]United Forum rejects the paltry Interim Relief and fitment offered by management - Letter from Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) to Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU and Reply from Com. Namboodiri to Shri Gopal Das <> <> <>

[23.04.09]A letter to PGM (IR) - Walk-out from wage negotiation committee due to unreasonable attitude of the management <>

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