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BSNL WORKERS ALLIANCE meeting held to day 13-05-2009 at NFTE 0ffice, remained inconclusive, will meet again on Friday, 15th May 2009.

Staff in BSNL as on 31-3-2009

Group “A”=07704 Non-Executive
Group “B”=48312 Group “C”=198312
Executive =56016 “D”= 092739
Industrial = 002773
Total 349840

Shri M.S. S. Rao, GM(Admn), BSNL HQ vide No: BSNL/7-5/SR-2009 dated 13.05.2009 has appealed the Convener, BSNL Workers Alliance, New Delhi to withdraw strikeon 19.05.2009 and 20.05.2009 in view of the discussion held with Director HRD on 12.5.09.

BSNL HQ vide No: 1-22/2009-PAT (BSNL) Dated 13.05.2009 for making payment of the advance by 18th May, 2009 for all those employees who have sought the advance.



On strike notice BSNL Workers Alliance held talks with management today (12/5/09). Management was represented by Shri. Gopal Das Director (HRD), D.P.De DDG (Estt) and Shri P.K.Purwar DDG (CA). Staff side was represented by S/S. M.R.Vasist F.S – FNTO, Smt. Madhu Trivedi (A.G.S – FNTO), N.T. Sajwani (S.G, NFTE), Islam (Secretary NFTE) and S.P. Sharma (President W.R.U)

Unions pointed out that quantum of advance sanctioned is inadequate and suggested fixation of a minimum ceiling in the interest of RM, Group D etc. It was also pointed out that advance amount has not been paid in many circles so far, for want of funds. Management informed that it will be difficult to increase the quantum of advance or fixing a minimum at this stage. Management assured the payment of advance to all circles will be ensured before 18th May 2009.

We demanded wage revision exercise has to be completed with in a time frame, preferably before 30th June 2009. Director replied that though it depends upon the cooperation of all concerned, management will try to complete as early as possible. On periodicity of wage revision we were informed by the management that the question of 5 year periodicity and corresponding fixation benefit etc has been referred to DOT. We demanded that there should not be any dilution in fitment benefits or pension revision because of the periodicity.

BSNL Workers alliance demanded involvement of all unions in the wage revision talks with the management. Management assured that this request will be duly examined in consultation with the ministry. But we insisted that the promotional policy should be at par with executives.

Staff side questioned why the administration is not considering promotion policy at par with executive while it is ready to process wage revision at par with executive. Director HRD replied as the agreement has been signed with the recognized union it is not possible to reopen the issue. Union representatives cited one or two instances where the agreement has been revised. Management is of the view that some minor corrections if need be can be considered after the approval of the policy by DOT.

The meeting was cordial. BSNL workers alliance will meet tomorrow to decide upon further course of action.



NO 18/FNTO/09 dt 10/05/09


Shri. V.A.N. Namboodiri

Dear Colleague,

Sub: Appeal For Supporting Strike.
Ref: Your letter dated 5/5/09; received on 8/5/09

Thank you for your above letter.

FNTO is part of BSNL workers alliance which has already notified its programme of action and in all fairness BSNLEU may consider joining that programme or both the alliances may sit discuss and chalk out joint agitation after due examination of the demands presented by both.

As far as demands are concerned, regarding 5 year peridiocity you are aware the same has already been endorsed by the wage revision committee and forwarded to DOT. But we would like to emphasis that there should not be any dilution in fitment benefit and pension.

As far as interim relief/ adequate advance is concerned both the alliances can check up whether the demand is maintainable in view of the fact that all the unions including BSNLEU have advised the workers to accept the payment of advance sanctioned by management. However alternatively we may perhaps ask for one more instalment of advance after 3 or 4 months if wage revision agreement is not signed by that time.

FNTO strongly feels that 5 promotion policy at par with executive is very much necessary to be included in the charter of demands. All non-executive unions are committed to this demand. Though an agreement has been signed, still we can fight unitedly to achieve promotion policy at par with executive by evolving a suitable strategy.

All the above needs a detailed discussion and so BSNLEU may consider organizing a meeting of all non-executive unions to chalkout the demands and also to issue a fresh notice for agitation which we believe will have a better impact on the management.

With Best Wishes

Yours fraternally,


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